What would you like to hear in a good Homily?


What makes a good homily?


Why do you have a picture of people dressed as the kkk?


They are not the KKK. It is a procession called Semana Santa that is done in Spain during Holy Week around Easter time. The clothing they wear is called a capirote and is worn by a Catholic brotherhood called Nazareno. The KKK hoods do bear some resemblance of a Spanish capirote, but the KKK hoods are from the movie Birth of a Nation in which the costume designers probably copied the Spanish capirote to use in the film.

The reason why I have the picture is because I enjoy Spanish religious traditions because it is a part of my heritage.


I would probably like to hear the importance of attending Mass, how we should be opposed to homosexuality, abortion, contraceptives, etc. I don’t hear that very often nowadays.

I also might want to hear the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Not a lot of people go to Confession these days.

I don’t want to pile on, but I want to hear the importance of receiving the Eucharist in a state of grace. Today, everyone receives the Eucharist, whether they are in a state of grace or not. Every time I see someone who I know is in unrepentant mortal sin receive the Eucharist, I die a little bit inside.


A good homily should inspire and set the heart on fire with the light of scripture.


Agree with every word you said. Too much empty rhetoric is used to describe ‘God’s Love’ today, and not enough about how we must respect ALL commandments (including the harder ones to follow on sexuality) to achieve Communion with God and thus fully partake in His Love.

I think many poor souls are being lost today due to the misguidance they receive from liberal priests who don’t talk enough about the evils of masturbation, promiscuity, contraception, and homosexuality.

Let us pray that priests may guide their sheep to the fullness of the Truth, and that peoples’ hearts may be open to full acceptance of Divine Law.


Once I heard a visiting priest’s homily that was simple and lovely. All I remember of it was that God has chosen to give us a few beautiful memories so that we can have roses blooming in our winters. Afterward, I shook the priest’s hand and started to leave but he didn’t let go of my hand until I looked up at his eyes, and his expression seemed so Christ-like, as though he had been searching for me and was immensely happy and relieved to have found me.

What I would like to hear in a homily: Love of the Eucharist, along with in-depth catechesis on the subject. Bearing the Cross; how to suffer well, what that means and how to accept it joyfully. The Incarnation, and the place of Mary in creation as the door through which God would reveal Himself in flesh. The importance and supernatural reality of Confession. Explanations of what is happening in heaven and earth during the various parts of the Mass and how to attend well. Something beautiful and exalted that will inspire awe and a longing for higher things and a detachment from what is not important.


I would like to hear the Truth… Truth on contraception and moral issues.


We had a visiting priest the last week who I really like. He is the only priest I know that publicly speaks out against hot-button issues in every homily. He has even stated that he would deny John Kerry the Eucharist if he were to present himself for communion.

He need more priests like him. Unfortunately, while he was speaking out against fornication and homosexuality during his homily last week, I heard a mother tell her child to cover his ears.

[SIGN]God Bless Father Spriggs![/SIGN]


2 years ago the bishop gave a homily on forgiveness at my parish’s confirmation. I wish forgiveness would be emphasized more today. That’s what Jesus wants from us.


For me the homily should be an explanation of the Word we have just listened to. It does not seem appropriate to me that the homily should go on at lenght on subjects that have nothing to do with the readings for that day. I do not think that the Mass should be the place for carrying forward this or that cause.
We need to understand the Bible, and most specifically the Gospel, to live fully our vocation of faith. Particularly since we are Catholic, we do not stop at at the literal meaning of the Word. We go beyond, and for doing that correctly we need to be taught by the Church.
So I wish that every homily was an explanation of the Word, and particularly how should I apply that to my own life.


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