What would you take it to mean?

What would you take it to mean, if a guy told you that you’re the kind of girl that he hopes to marry someday?

Probably that you are a horrible person not fit for marriage! :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t seem to be very cryptic OP. Can you maybe expand on that and explain why you are finding it hard to decipher?

If I said it to a girl (as a Catholic) I would probably mean that you (or whoever I said it to) has the qualities I admire in a person, and especially in a woman, so much so that I would want to marry her. Which is why (unless I was just joking around playfully with a friend) I wouldn’t just go around saying this to any girl :slight_smile: For the record, some of things I consider “wife material” are things like in love with God, with our Catholic faith, chaste, kind, modest but not shy, intelligent, caring, beautiful. List could go on :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, I’m a guy, so I would not hear it:):):slight_smile: but here is my MX$2:

A guy who says this is probably saying that while he, personally, is not ready for marriage, if he were, he’d seek out someone who in personality, mind, etc, resembled you. It’s a lighthearted compliment, ISTM. Take it as such. Few enough nice things are said to human beings any more.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA!

It depends on how long you’ve been together and if your feelings are reciprocated. It may be seen as creepy, hopefully not. I think you’re probably the best person to make that call. Good luck with your relationship!

Just take it the way it was said. You’re the kind of girl he’d like to marry some day. :wink:

It could also mean that this is the type of girl he would like to marry someday but maybe not THE girl as certain things like physical attraction may be missing or there is too much of a friendship. I guess we would need to know the context as this could easily be something a male would say to a good female friend to make her feel better during a bad break up but she takes wrong as she is in the clingy stage of a break up.

So my point is you can’t analyze human interactions by one sentence sound bytes.

Yeah, if we really were to delve into it, I would say it was a categorical description but not a pointer. :stuck_out_tongue: It is a really high expression of affirmation. I wouldn’t look for any negatives to it, such as e.g. the “kind” but not you personally, or “some day” off in the future. Simply, “you are the kind of girl I would like to marry some day,” is not the same as, “you are the woman I want to marry now.” It says *nothing *about his hyopthetical ideas of a relationship with you personally, it says that you have the qualities and the overal “something” (i.e. not just a list of qualities) that he would want to be there in the woman who ends up being his wife.

Also, it may or may not suggest he’s not ready or willing to get married now. “Some day” means the future and if he doesn’t have a girlfriend now, much less a fiancee (which I am presuming but is not 100% certain), then he surely isn’t marrying tomorrow (from first date to engagement it takes some time, and then to the wedding, it is always “some day” and not tomorrow). Besides, if he were to tell you, “you’re the kind of girl I’d like to marry,” it could sound creepy and be awkward. The “some day” makes it lighter.

I would take it as a very high compliment made in good faith and also not a hint (even though it clearly says he would not be averse to the idea of marrying you, which is also what puts him in a vulnerable position for uttering this kind of commitment)]

And don’t analyse.

I would take it to mean that he doesn’t want to marry a good girl at this point, he wants to play around for a while, but you are the good girl he would eventually come back to.


ThereIsThisGirl, you’re a guy right? I would assume from you past threads (if I remember correctly) that you are in a new relationship with a young woman?

I’m guessing that you are considering telling your girlfriend that she is the type of woman that you want to marry?

Have you said this to a girl? Are you considering it?

I personally find these types of cryptic statements annoying and game-playing. Blech. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Don’t say something that you have to post questions on the internet about as to how someone else would interpret it. It doensn’t matter how we would interpret it. It matters how the person you say it to would interpret it. If you don’t know, then don’t make such a statement.

Or did someone say this to your gf and you are getting jealous?

I too am under the impression you are a guy thinking of saying it to your girlfriend. To me it sounds like you are fishing for a compliment. You are pretending someday you would like to marry her, hoping to hear ‘I want to marry you someday too’ so you can go buy the rind and propose the very next day. Total game playing and personally a turn off to me.

I would be a bit more honest in saying something like ‘we are getting pretty serious and I just wanted to know if you are happy about that’ something honest but not over the top


I think that if I were the girl I would take it to mean: “you are nice and all and if I was thinking of marriage you’d be on the list…but Im not thinking of marriage right now and need to make that clear”.

If you are thinking of this in terms of your girlfriend, based on your earlier post, I doubt that you mean the above. Therefore, consider not going down that road. Just give her a special, simple Christmas gift to let her know that she means a lot to you. That is enough at this stage in my opinion, from the outside looking in.


My Fair Lady-Tell Me Now:D

Been a long time, 1ke. :slight_smile:

Well, you’re getting a boat-load of diff. responses and I’m not surprised why. It all depends on context - that is, *how *it was said, the nature of the relationship between the man and the woman…his personality, etc…there are a ton of variables which could affect the meaning of such a statement…I feel anyway. :shrug:

Looking back on my life and how many times I did not interpret things like this in the manner they were meant, I would probably just ask: Excuse me for asking you to draw a picture and don’t get me wrong, because it was a very nice thing to say, but when you said “X” the other day, did you just mean “X” and nothing more, or were you trying to say something else besides? Because if you were trying to say anything else, I have no idea what it was.

OK, maybe the answer would be, “I’m not ready to marry you or anyone else for that matter, but I only meant that when the time comes I’d like to marry someone like you…only maybe not so blunt, now that you mention it. ;)” Well, that’s worth knowing, too! :smiley:

Keep an eye out to see if perhaps the real answer (which you will probably not hear) could really be this: “I said that because I was hoping hoping hoping that you’ll say you would llike to marry someone like me, too, not realizing that someone as smart and perception as you could possibly be so oblivious!” :rolleyes: (This happens all of the time. The people you want to jump to conclusions seem like they never do!)

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