What would YOU want to see


In your parish bulletin?

On the parish website?

On parish Facebook page?

Are there other forms of Social Media you’d like your parish to utilize?

I’m the person who does these things for my parish. It is easy to get in the “we have ALWAYS done it this way” rut. I trust the CAFers can keep me current.


More general outreach - making booths at street fairs, having a parade float and passing out literature… Postings each weekend concerning Mass times, and Holy Days of Obligations… more


More child-friendly activities. The only things we can go to are Sunday Mass and the playgroup that meets once a week. We can’t even go to daily Mass because it’s at 7am and 7:30pm. The women’s bible study meets at 8:30pm…How are mothers supposed to make it to any of this?


When my kiddos were small, the next parish over had a ladies bible study that offered childcare in the next room
Or you could keep your littles with you.
Noisy, but lots of fellowship!


I’m with you guys, but, to clarify I am asking about the information that is presented to you via bulletin, website, facebook.

Would you like to see inspirational stories, things about the Saints, Q and A, that is what I can control.


The general outreach and activities, how is the best way to get parishioners to volunteer for this sort of thing?

For the Mass time, schedules, Holy Day info we are checking all of the boxes there already!


Inspirational stories, info about saints whose feast days are that week, and maybe some resources for devotionals would be nice!


I honestly dont know, but one could maybe ask individual ministries to assist… youth group, KofC, Women’s ministry, the pro life society, etc.


These events are something that get brought up every time, I will keep recommending them to the powers that be.

How would you like to receive information about the planning of these sorts of activities? Phone call, text, in the bulletin, Facebook events, from the pulpit?


Modern website designs! This may not seem important to some, but for people who search online looking for a good parish to attend, the website can speak volumes about the “personality” of the parish. If the site looks like it’s from 1995, then most people (around my age, at least) will be a bit hesitant. This reply is going to be criticized but I’m just trying to be honest… Modern website with updates that aren’t from several years ago. This hints at the parish being thriving and welcoming.


My parish currently has a very good website, and I can agree with this assertion


When I’m going to be visiting a parish, I like to be able to easily find their address and Mass times. It’s also convenient if they offer directions.

For my own parish, it can be handy to have a directory not only by name but by function (who do you call for RCIA or wedding planning or children’s religious education). I like to be able to access the bulletin online. I want to be able to easily find the times for holy day Masses during the week they’re happening. It would be nice, but I seldom see it, if there was a blog or something that would give a sense of the personality of the parish. Who are the catechumens who just went through the Rite of Acceptance? Who is the baby that was just baptized? What projects are the social justice committee working on and how can people get involved? Something complete with pictures and stories would be great.


I really like the idea of a blog/articles highlighting the reception of sacraments and parish life


Our parish is on Facebook but I am not so that doesn’t apply to me

Don’t know how they would do it but wish they could do a page on Pinterest.

Now for the bulletin, a good short Catholic question and answer about the faith, Mass, Church, etc. Anything Catholic that could definitely help people to understand things more. I’ve sent Father things from the internet and if he finds it appropriate and educational in the Faith he has them put it in the bulletin. Others do send him things as well.

Also good approved links, site addy’s to Catholic pages and websites


In my experience, the most important thing about a good parish website are the schedules! (and minimalism!)

The schedules: The time of every activity in the parish should be announced together on a single page with an explicit link to it from the main page. Since the most important things in a parish are: Sacraments and gatherings, knowing the exact time of these is the main reason people visit the page - and gives them a overview of the choices on the menu. Individual groups (like the choir or groups) could add a small text of self-introduction with a friendly invitation.

On minimalism: In today’s world there is such an abundance of content that the slightest content becomes burdening and time consuming. The parish web site is all about calling people into the parish.

On history: A comprehensive “history of the parish” is very nice since people enjoy knowing the history of their own parish.

Added bonuses: If the priest would like to sometimes select one of his favorite sermons for transcription the faithful would enjoy their friends production.

Broader perspective: If you are in an urban dioceses with many parishes close by, grouping some of the schedules of other parishes together adds for choice if for example you miss mass in on parish but can still make it in time for mass in the neighboring parish.


My parish has sprung for a deal with Formed, and every parishioner can register and access all sorts of content (Bible studies, videos) … The parish code (used when you register) is in the bulletin.

In the past, I used to do a “saint of the week” column (one interior column), which was pretty well-received.


Oh! One thing I like about our church’s site is that it has a list of all the groups and ministries and who to contact about them. I just wish they didn’t all meet in the evening!


A real Saturday Mass, not just a Sunday vigil. :stuck_out_tongue:

And, um, maybe a giant reference poster by the door, with the names and faces of all the parishioners. :stuck_out_tongue: I think we do a parish directory maybe once every twenty years…? It’s awful for those of us with a terrible memory for names + faces, to go to church with the same people for so many years, and have no clue what their names are. And it’s even more embarrassing to admit it, even though I know I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:


Catechesis on the mass, like the reason we don’t look down or bow when the Priest lifts the Eucharist or the Chalice in the air during the liturgy of the Eucharist.


Why don’t we? :thinking:

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