What would YOU want to see


The biggest thing, first and foremost, that I want to see when I hit a Parish website is the Mass times for Sundays, weekdays, and Holy Days of Obligation, and also the confession time. And I’d like this to be in a very obvious place like on the front page, and easy to locate.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many parishes have this buried in some obscure spot and instead have on their front page big pictures of people from their church, or their youth group etc., something that is no doubt very interesting to parishioners but does not give the basic information to a person who just landed from out of town and is looking to attend a Mass or confession ASAP.

The second biggest thing I would like to see, if your parish offers it, is Eucharistic Adoration times, and please make them be correct. Again, many parishes do not have this information in any easy-to-find place, or worse yet it is out of date, so you arrive and find the Adoration is not going on or the chapel is closed, etc.

The third thing that would really help is a Parish Calendar that actually includes everything happening and is kept up to date. It seems like churches either do not have these at all, or do not keep them up to date, so many parish events including Lenten fish fries, Flame of Love Cenacle prayer groups, even the daily Rosary, are not listed on the calendar, or anywhere. Again, this is probably not a problem for the regular parishioner, but websites are also going to be serving people in the neighboring parishes and even from further away who want to visit your church.

Finally, I really appreciate it when parishes put the special events happening within the week or two right on the landing page, so I can see if there is something like a play, a fish fry, a 40 Hours Devotion, a retreat weekend, etc. happening. I often go to these things, but a lot of times the parish is not good about publicizing them on the Internet - you have to go to the church in person and see a paper schedule or a poster or a paper bulletin. These are also good things to post on the parish Facebook. Too many parish Facebooks only have pictures of events after they take place, which again is nice for the parishioners getting to see pictures of their friends, but not helpful to those of us who have wanted to go.


Because when someone says take this, the natural thing is to look at what “this” is. Also when someone holds something up, it is for you to behold.

I had a priest explain it one time, but basically we should only bow or nod when the Priest does, after the Eucharist or Chalice is elevated.


…Oops. Thank you for sharing this with us!


Yes, and also give notice far enough in advance. I don’t really appreciate getting an email on Monday about something happening on Tuesday, or seeing in the bulletin that something is happening that Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I’ll check the bulletin on Sunday and see an announcement for something that happened on Saturday!


Okay. I guess I !is read your post. Yes, I wait to bow or nod AFTER the Eucharist or Chalice when the priest kneels.
is elevated.


Reading everything, you guys are giving me some good insight!

I will work through my replies. Really, fantastic feedback.!

ETA - a couple folks talked about giving info on who was baptized, who was received in, etc. We tried to do that 3 or 4 years ago. What happened was not everyone would sign a release to have their name/face used in print/electronic media (our Diocese Safe Environment requires we get releases).

When we used only the people who gave permission, there would be “well, Sally Sue and my grandchild Timmy were in that group”. We’d explain that they/their parent did not sign the release, then they would decide to sign it and we then did the event page again OR the person simply got angry. For the sake of eliminating hurt feelings, the decision was made to stop that.

So, I come asking you - my focus group :slight_smile: - would you be willing to put your face or your child’s face/name on the www?


if it brings more people to the Church, then definitley.


That has come up in some conferences lately. I’m not a Pinterest user, so, I have to learn how to “do” that one before we can venture out, but, it is on my radar!!


We are in our second year of providing FORMED to the parish. The goal is for every parish in our Diocese to have FORMED!!!


its such a blessing… our Pastor mentions it at least once a month in homily if not kore.


To be able to go to the website and actually know everything that is going on.

Many parishes have lots of things going on, but some groups operate like clicks. Meaning you need to be in the know or know someone who is part of the group in order to know what they are doing and when they meet.

CYO - often operated like a different group all together. Would be nice to know what the game schedules are in case want to bring kids to watch.

My point: it would be great to have one master calendar that lets parishenors know EVERYTHING that is going on and details of what every ministry is and what every group does (is doing).

God Bless


We try to advertise in the bulletin for the 2 weekends before an event. For big events (guest speakers, large celebrations) there will be more advance notice.

We do publish a parish calendar on our website that has every event that is on our calendar for the future. You can look at it now and see the Lenten Mission or when is Confirmation next year.


thats another tab or section for that ideal website- the parish youth athletics, with registration, information, and schedules


Would that we had such. There are no parish youth athletics leagues in our area, I do not think they exist in the Diocese anymore. There are Catholic School athletics, we link to the school webpage.


thats what I meant. and that also reminds us to have the parish school (if there is one) linked on the site


Father told me recently that we will be getting FORMED I can’t wait. I hear such GREAT things.

OK our bulletin is a two page front and back thing.
1.) The WHOLE front page is Mass times, confession times, staff names and contact info for the Parish and a short picture and explanation of the weekly gospel.

2.) The 2 inside pages are the weekly Mass intentions, and any activities, events, special notices of things coming up for the 2 Churches

3.) The whole entire back page is ALL paid advertisements that support the bulletin costs

I would LOVE to have an inserted extra page front and back with lots of interesting good Catholic lessons and information. It would be worth the extra cost.


Such events, as baptisms, are private and personal by their very nature. No need to publish such photos in the first place - to avoid unnecessary work or trouble. Again, it’s up to those participating to publish or not. It’s a hassle these days when everybody has a camera.


I think it would also be helpful to a have a page or two dedicated to local, diocesan & national Catholic organizations - if not their schedule, at least how to contact them and what they are.

For example:
a link to the Knights of Columbus and info regarding meeting times, contact info, and how to join.
same for the local Legion of Mary
third / secular order that meet in the diocese or region
local (closest) Catholic Retreat center
Diocesan speaker events
Annual Diocesan Men’s / Women’s conferences
National Catholic Singles Conference
SEEK Conference
Steubenville Conferences (youth, young adult and adult) https://steubenvilleconferences.com/#conferences
Links to faithful Catholic pilgrmaage company(ies) – like: https://www.proximotravel.com/, http://www.regina-tours.com/, https://selectinternationaltours.com/, https://www.canterburypilgrimages.com/home, etc


Personally I would. Children are another matter and I would definitely defer to the parents. If people don’t want their names used perhaps a first name or first name and initial would work.

Of course I have to wonder how many of these people who don’t want their child’s name on the church web site are perfectly happy to post every last detail about the child on Facebook.


No. I’ve dealt with stalking in the past so I would absolutely not want easily googled pictures of us on the web. I wouldn’t mind a directory that goes out to registered parishioners or a bulletin insert that isn’t online, but anything where people can Google “Rosalie LastName” and find out where I go to church and find pictures of my family would be a hard no. My Facebook is set to the highest privacy setting, I’m only friends with “real friends” and relatives on there, and I still rarely post pictures and have only posted her first name. It mortifies me when I see grandmas or parents basically posting the entire birth certificate.

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