What would've been rthe best way to respond to this pro-gay argument?

A co-worker of my mother’s left her husband and is now in a relationship with another woman. They are now in a custody battle for the children. My mother is appalled that this woman would put her children through everything that comes along with being the child of someone in a lesbian relationship, but one of her other co-workers said it was no different than when my mother married a man a decade younger than her(She got her first marriage annulled and married my step-father in the RCC.). As the child involved in the situation I disagree. I would’ve had a fit if my mother became a lesbian. It would’ve ruined my life, but I really don’t notice an age difference between her and her husband. What would’ve been an intelligent response to this without sounding homophobic?

Just to get this straight, she was saying that being raised by a lesbian couple would be just as bad as being raised by a man and woman who are ten years apart in age??


the problem is with arguing against emotions with logic. The lesbian relationship is illogical and those who support this activity frequently do so from an emotional point of view. by default anything that does not support that point of view is homophobic in their eyes. You may have better luck with an emotional response or proposing that the age of the parrent relative to the child is not as important as having a mother and a father. If the child has a father it is not all that important if the father is 20, 30 or 40 years older than the child.

I don’t think sexual orientation nor age difference of carers has anything to do with how good parents are. Which one takes better care of the children and loves the children more. Which one can support the children financially. Then just give custody amounts based on those and like factors.

Same sex couple issues only matter a little bit towards the end of primary school… In highschool (at least in Australia) no one cares, my freind had 2 moms and beside a few curious questions at the start no one really cared…

So how about your mother make sure the lady is not doing it for revenge reasons against her husband and purely out of love for her children making sure they are in a good home… At the end of the day it’s up to the courts…

You are wrong. Children must NEVER be put into the care of homosexual couples, be they men or women. Homosexual activity is a depraved act and children must never be put into such an environment and be made to think it is normal. Such an upbringing endangers children.

You could argue that children need both a male and female parents as they grow up. Parental models provide them realistic, and up close looks at how men and women behave, and how men and women interact with one another. These experiences act as role models for proper behavior as they mature.

There are far worse ubringings for a child to be brought up in than two dads/moms that love them very much… (assuming they both love them very much).

I would rather my parents have been both the same sex than say even one was, an alcoholic, a drug user, violent and abusive, raped me… Thats not saying gay people aren’t also those things but rather than those things i’d rather have two loving caring gay parents…

Yes, what is important is that the children have parents who are not abusive, are loving, and are good role models (which actually includes the other two points, but I wanted to agree with Abbadon. :slight_smile: )

These things are certainly worse for the child physically, but what about spiritually? The kid will grow up thinking homosexual activity is fine and in no way sinful - I’d guess that would probably be a problem where eternal life is concerned.

Not only that, but obviously a gay couple isn’t Catholic and even if they claim to be, clearly don’t understand church teaching. So the child will be brought up to most likely hate the Catholic church because of what their gay parents teach them.

While this may be a fequent occurance, it is possible for the “couple” to actively promote the faith in all ways other than their relationship. As such the children may be shown a bad example but this does not mean that by default they will be raised to hate the Church.

I would hope that thier parents would not teach them to hate anyone… And I’m irreligious so the “spiritual damage” isn’t a factor i consider…

But beside same sex couples there are far more muslim families with far more kids, again they may be loving as well and they also do not bring the children up in catholic teachings, and some instances may even teach children to hate christianity. Then there are hindu families and bhuddist families…

What about them?

And actually your last point i disagree isn’t there a church of christians that are gay? And they have some really good points too but thats another topic. The child may be raised christian just without the anti-gay homophobic teachings…

As parents, our role is not to “love” our kids, but to care for, nurture, and educate them. In fact, the CCC lists that parents are the primary educators of thier children. The most fundemental part of the teaching role of parents is helping the child form their conscience.

A homosexual relationship is inherently wrong. Putting a child into the home where this grave offense is occuring will virtually guarantee the distortion of the child’s conscience.

If the parents are incapable of teaching a child the difference between right and wrong, then it is a dangerous place for the child. The child’s immortal soul is at risk.

The interesting thing is that what you, or I, or anyone else thinks about the matter is irrelevent. Absolute Truth exists outside all of us. Homosexual behavior is wrong as surely as 2+2=4, and no one can change the former any more than they can change the latter.

Thank God for the Catholic Church that witnesses the truth to us! :extrahappy:

God bless,

~ Red Beard

Agreed! :thumbsup:

Swan & Abbadon,

It is better to be raised in a loving home that leads to a distorted conscience than to be raised in an abusive home that leads to a distorted conscience. So if this is all you mean, I agree too.

The point is, that it is best to be raised in a loving home that doesn’t lead to a distorted conscience.

A bad thing can be better than an absolutely terrible thing, but that doesn’t make it a good thing.

God bless,

Red Beard


No pun intended, I assume. :smiley:


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