What y'all having for dinner?


I think I’m 'onna make some sweet potato fries, but those sweet potatoes are tough to cut. What aboutch y’all?


Ain’t no one gonna share with me? :sob:


I’m currently preparing a variety of delicious meats and finely chopped vegetables and cheese to be placed in a shallow layer of tasty red tomato sauce on top of a round shaped flat dough which is expected to bake to perfection in about 25 minutes from now…

Actually it’s a frozen Red Baron pizza. I got a 3 for $10 deal the other day! (couldn’t pass it up)


I’m going to be heating up a “take and bake” fresh taco pizza that we got from Aldi’s the other day. :slightly_smiling_face:


I had some chicken left over from Sunday dinner so I made a curry. Had chocolate pudding afterwards.


I had scrambled eggs for breakfast,and coffee.


Tonight I’m keeping it simple. Bacon and pancakes. Nothing like having breakfast in the evening. :slight_smile:


Pepperoni pizza, garlic bread, funnel cake for dessert, and Fuji Apple Pear Sobe to drink.


Bean burrito and steamed kale, chard. Glass of syrah. Tomorrow will be a little more exciting, pasta. Oh and steamed kale, chard…


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Cheese Enchiladas, Green Beans, and Fuji Apple Pear Sobe.


The other day I made italian subs, so tonight I’m making pizza with the leftover salami, pepperoni, and ham. I also have a little sausage already browned that I’m going to add.


Taco Salad tonight!


BBQ Tofu burritos!


Dang it, I better defrost something for dinner.

Maybe sloppy joe


Hey, Adam. I probably won’t have anything tonight. The burgers, fries and desserts were enough for today. The leftovers will be eaten tomorrow.




Shrimp Scampi


Chicken salad sandwiches


Dos Cheese Quesadillas.

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