What year is the current Code of Canon Law?

What year is the current Code of Canon Law? And does anyone know how often they usually make a new one? Is it usually with significant changes so I’d have to re-read stuff?

1983, which replaced the 1917 code

The Code of Canon Law that I have is of 1989. I think that is the newest one. I also think that the most recent one before that was from 1917.

~ Pius :knight1:

The first ‘code’ of Canon Law was finished in 1917. Before that, there were collections of various documents which had legal importance. The Code was reworked and updated in 1983. There are some documents put out by the Vatican since then which affect things in the Code. Reading Canon Law just from the Code may not give you the best picture of what it really means. Besides the actual texts, there are long histories of how certain things are interpreted, certain principles being used in interpreting the law, and past laws which affect how current laws are seen. A lot of people get somewhat mistaken ideas from reading the Code, because they don’t have the legal training or don’t have access to reference works which explain these things.

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