What year is the next week part of?


I’ve heard the Feast of Christ the King referred to as the last day of the liturgical year. I’ve also heard of the first Sunday of Advent as the first day of the new year. So I’m wondering - what year do the upcoming Monday-Saturday belong to?


The Solemnity of Christ the King is the last **Sunday **of the liturgical year (currently Year C). The First Sunday of Advent is the first day of the new liturgical year (Year A). The Monday through Saturday between the two are the Monday through Saturday of the 34th week in Ordinary Time, assuming no feasts, memorials or solemnities occur on those days (this year, Saturday is the Feast of St. Andrew). These days fall within the current liturgical year. Year A begins with Vespers/Evening Prayer on Saturday, December 30th.

My source is the Ordo for 2012-2013 for the Archdioceses of Lille and Cambrai and the Diocese of Arras (France), but the information is universal (AFAIK).

Hope this helps.


Liturgical year of 2013 2014 begins Nov 30-Dec 1.


Oops! Yes, I meant **November **30th :blushing: December 30th isn’t even a Saturday.

Thanks for catching that. :thumbsup:


In this new liturgical year, our lectionary cycles will be Sunday Year A and Weekday Year II. If you ever forget which weekday cycle we’re in, Year I is odd-numbered years and Year II is even.


I recently bought a Daily Roman Missal and was having difficulty finding what I was suppose to read on a given day. Thanks!:slight_smile:


Are you referring to the Cycle of Readings or to the Papal pronouncement, like this year was the Year of Faith?


Don’t know but I’m thinking the cycle of readings?:shrug: My understanding is there has been no papal pronouncement for this next year at least so far:confused:


Incidentally, the First Sunday of Advent is the Sunday closest to the Feast of St. Andrew, who, of course, was the first Apostle.

The First Sunday of Advent is officially the start of the new church year as you say. That is why the Missal of 1970, for example, was so named even though it started on the First Sunday of Advent in 1969.


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