What you do on Feast day of Lady of Fatima?


May you continue to grow closer to Mother Mary.
Happy Feast Day.


pray the rosary a lot duh


Happy Feast Day to you too ! :slight_smile:


We have a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima in our home. She is wearing a crown of roses today.

Also, we went to daily Mass… and prayed the Rosary (especially for the safety of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI… while he is in the Holy Land).

Our Lady of Fatima… Queen of the Most Holy Rosary… pray for us. :gopray2:


I SHOULD have said the Rosary. But I said the Rosary of the Holy Wounds, instead for my deceased Mom. Years ago, she kept a picture of Our Lady of Fatima appearing to the three children - on her nighttable next to her bed. She’d even put it in plastic. Today, I took it out and placed it near my mother’s picture.

I remembered two interesting memories today: One of Mom’s favorite hymns, “Bring Flowers of the Fairest, etc.” Second memory - was one of Mom’s last hospital stays. I ran out to buy a frame for a large picture of Our Lady of Fatima - to keep in her hospital room - and hung a Scapular and Rosary on the frame. Mom didn’t know it was there - but it made such an impression on people coming and going from the room - whether or not they were even Catholic. That picture is now in what used to be Mom’s room. I often talk to that picture of Our Lady of Fatima - the only Mother I have left - and she always smiles at me.
Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us.


I also went to Daily Mass this morning. Our priest said something about a special children’s Mass (for Our Lady of Fatima) for the church school kids.


This is not a feast on the Byzantine Calendar.


I don’t know if it’s technically a “Feast Day” - but both May 13th (the first Fatima Apparition) and October 13th (the final Apparition and Miracle of the Sun) are observed by those who venerate and know about Our Lady of Fatima.

May 13 was also the day Pope John Paul II was shot, if you recall, and he attributed his survival to Our Lady.


My dear friend

I did the same as usual. All for Her.

God bless you:):thumbsup:


Attended Latin Mass at St John Cantius, though unfortunately the procession was held indoors due to heavy rains and high winds. So we got in 2 rosaries, the St Monica Novena and Compline at the end.


OTOH, the Byzantine tradition has feasts of Our Lady, such as the Protection on 1 October, or commemorations of miraculous icons, that the Latins don’t have.

And her Entrance into the Temple on 21 November is one of the 12 Great Feasts–not big in the West.


i prayed the rosary twice and the chaplet of divine mercy yesterday but today i burned incense to my brand new fatima statue from my church’s store ( like a religious gift shop) a priest has to bless it still but i prayed the rosary with her on my prayer shrine.


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