What your getting out of the game versus content of the game - Determining nature of sin?

Hello. A new Rockstar Game, Grand Theft Auto Five (GTA V) is coming out in September… I have played GTA IV a bit before I converted to Catholicism… and it was fun. But I do understand the ‘adult content’ in the game that can make it sinful… However. Am I allowed to buy such a game if I avoid the adult content and play for the action and open terrain fun…

Though I do ask for insight on the matter…

I play games such as Team Fortress 2 and many other great games that involves killing (Comical) and other activities… Though it puts no intuition, urge, or curiosity in killing anyone or anything.

Thank you.

My personal view is that the only games you should play are the ones you would be willing to play with Jesus sitting next to you.
Because - after all - he is…


Here’s my opinion–and I don’t claim to have great theological knowledge. I’m just a mother of 5 kids, 3 of whom are boys. I’m familiar with the game because my boys played the earlier version when they were still at home. I personally hated the game–but I’m in my 60’s. The 1st time I saw it, I was a little worried and so I spoke with one of my sons. I told him that I was put off by a game that is based on car theft. He explained that it was only a game, that he certainly understood that stealing cars and running over pedestrians was morally wrong and that it was just entertainment and no more. In his mind, the game was no different than any other video game (such as Gardens of Time which I play on Facebook) where you get points by clicking on certain things and hopefully getting more points than a friend. No disrespect to the person who posted that you should only play games you’d play if you’d play them with Jesus there, but if I ran into Jesus, I doubt I’d be wasting time playing any video game. I’ve heard many times that cartoons were bad if, for instance, Wiley Coyote drops a bomb on Roadrunner. I think that’s silly and possibly even an incidence of scrupulosity, which in itself is wrong, as you may know. I’ve had people say that it was wrong to let my boys play with little army men or join their friends in a game of “Army” which most little boys like to play outside. I think that’s silly too. Play is play. In my opinion, so long as you understand that it is just a game and not a moral statement, it’s your choice to play it or not. If you ever felt that it made you more angry or violent or that it monopolized all your free time, then I’d suggest you stop playing it. I realize that there are only so many bible or Christian games out there and that most of them are pretty lame–my 5 keep me informed on video games whether I want to be or not… Remember the video game “Halo” that was so popular a few years back? How about Legends of Zelda? There is violence in each of those and my 3 boys played all of them and there’s not a single serial killer in the lot of them! LOL!! In GF Auto you steal cars. In most other games, you"kill" people or zombies or spacemen. In all of them, they are more or less a test of your eye-hand coordination, a fact that the armed service realizes and thus uses them to train soldiers. An important part of growing up is learning to ascertain how you should act toward others and what is right and wrong in your personal actions. If you’re mentally stable, have a developed conscience and the game doesn’t suck you in to where it becomes your only life, I’d say do as you please. That’s assuming of course that you are at least 18 or have your parents’ approval. I’ll tell you what I think is an abomination and that you should stay away from. Any song that calls women horrible names or that promotes drug use or drive by shootings as “cool” should be avoided by anyone of any age who calls themselves a Christian. Just saying the words and singing them aloud scandalizes others and is demeaning. If you sing along with a song that refers to women as b%$@ches or “ho’s” you have dishonored your own mom, aunts or sisters if you have any—and that’s only the start Just my opinion!,:shrug:

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