What your thoughts on the SSPX now they are rejecting reunion?

A simple poll to see where Trads on Catholic Answers lie.

They are rejecting reunion? Has some news come out I haven’t heard of yet?


Since there isn’t an official announcement, this question is premature.

Besides, there is a recent SSPX speculation thread already in place. :slight_smile:

Ah, I get it. You’re staying ahead of the curve.

Folks will be scrambling to start a thread once an Rorate (no doubt) posts the announcement. :smiley:


What your thoughts on the SSPX now they are rejecting reunion?

Well if it is true then its their loss and a sad one at that.

I say live and let live. :slight_smile:

I say it’s too soon to tell. We’ve had a lot of false calls lately over this, mainly fuelled by our own media. Wait and pray.

It is so nice to see the glee in those who hate the SSPX. They can hardly wait for the next setback.:rolleyes:

calling the shot right here.
The SSPX announce that they cannot accept the preamble. Which is old news. New negotiations begin at square one with the new negotiator. An agreement which looks amazingly like the original one is reached. 3-4 months and then we will see what kind of polls will be posted.

I did not pick a poll question as there is no news to post a poll on yet.

I have heard nothing official as yet.We do have a general superior so,I think for most of us,we will follow his decision.I remember I had the honour of sitting with him and the district superior on trivia night,years ago.One of the questions was a quote from Oscar Wilde.His face was like I’ve never heard of that “saint?”

It was absolutely priceless.


This doesn’t have a nice tone. I wonder why you are asking this before there has been any definite answer, given how heated the discussion gets about this topic. :shrug:

There’s not many trads on Catholic Answers because they can’t properly participate in discussions. They hang out on trad forums such as Fish Eaters forum (FSSP-SSPX orientated), Ignis Ardens forum (SSPX orientated), and CathInfo forum (SSPX orientated).

Aren’t you asking for trouble with this sort of post? I know what most on CathInfo say about Catholics on CAF and even about our Pope. Perhaps you should PM our Traditional Catholicism subforum moderator about your issues with CAF?

No, not at all. That was not my intention. I was just being honest. Trads can’t fully participate in the discussions here without violating various forum rules. I personally find it irritating when members on here take pot shots at the SSPX and trads can’t defend their positions without violating the rules, and thus, being banned.

No ill will. Simply the truth.

I have no issue with trads. You are entitled to practise the Faith as you wish to. The thing is the SPPX is still not in communion with the Church, happy if they too come into communion with the Church. However, while we should not insult even SPPX bishops and priests under CAF rules, we must accept their position as stated by the Church. Some of those on the sites you mentioned are sedevacantists and some refuse to accept that there is a difference between the Tradition of the Church and traditional practices of trads which are not part of doctrine.

Imagine the pain of severing one of your limbs to save your life.
I think that is how the Church views the SSPX.

This is not an official announcement, and should not be treated as such.

How about we just wait for something official? I know that would be a break in the usual pattern here, but . . . :wink:

That new link referenced there and in Rorate Coeli are by a very progressive digital diary. Just read the hostile and sometimes stupid comments left in that site (Religión Digital).

One of the commenters report that the 11 am Mass already passed and no communique was given by the District Superior.

Or one might say that is how the Catholics in the SSPX feel about accepting all of the Vatican II novelties. Just sayin.

Logged in to say I am glad that you noticed ImmaculataFides. Logged out again because good arguments defending distinctively SSPX positions typically earn suspensions (for “proselytizing” or “lack of charity”) and the post disappears anyway. If any of you people want to really allow discussion, I would suggest that you try persuading the management.

Agreed! Simplest things can get us banned :frowning:

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