Whatcha think? Music Lineup

What a pity. I hope you’ll get a chance to select the music for some other occasion in the near future. May God bless your great efforts!

Oh, I’m sorry about that. What a shame!

I know, right? I was really looking forward to hearing all this!

Yes, that’s too bad. If you’d care to share, was the reason for the cancellation mundane or juicy? :slight_smile:

Pretty mundane. It had nothing to do with the Mass per se, but rather the event that the Mass was part of.

We basically didn’t find any speakers to fill the other slots of event. I’ll hopefully use something very similar to this lineup next year’s Mass.

Not quite as exciting as you’d hoped? :smiley:

Haha, I do like a juicy story, but for your sake (and that of the kids) I was hoping that the reason was both mundane and legitimate. :slight_smile:


I better watch out though, if I try to schedule the Mass as an EF, it might get juicy! Nah… maybe after some catechesis… I’ll try in a couple years. :smiley:

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