Whatever happened to Apologetics journal "Be"


When I was doing a google search a while back for Catholic Apologetics resources, in addition to finding this web site, and learning of some of the journals like The Rock and *Envoy *(so sorry to learn that the latter’s future is uncertain), I also often foudn reference to a journal also started by Keating called Be, which seemed more geared towards people who weren’t sure if they had an interest in apologetics, with (I think) the intention to get them interested.

I thought something similar would be a great gift for my sister, who kinf of left the church, is marreid now, but is thinking more about returnign after she had a baby. At least she had the kid baptized. Does any one know what happened to it, or if it is still around? Granted, The Rock looks like a great magazine for apologetics, but it seems a bit involved for some one who might not be interested in reading about apologetics seriously and who is only mildy curious. Thanks.


“Be” ceased publication quite some time ago. While it had a wide readership, the free-subscription magazine was not able to geneate enough income to cover its costs.


Thanks. I was wondering how it could be feasible financially, though it sounded like a great venue through which to intoduce people to Catholic apologetics (particularly those who should have been able to learn them growing up, but unfortunately were never taught).


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