Whatever happened to Campos?

Wasn’t a dioscese in brazil given the right to have a parallel Tridentine structure to the NO?

Never heard any more of it. What happened there?

I don’t think it was ever given anything but you’re on the right track. Dr. Allen White wrote an excellent book, The Mouth of the Lion, which provides the full story. When Bishop Mayer died, the diocese went to the New Order.

Search the forums for “Campos” and you’ll turn up somethings. There used to be a member on the forums.

They are the Apostolic Administration of St. John Vianney. They are fully in union with Rome and have a bishop. They use the Missal of 1962 and their territory matches the diocesan boundaries of the Campos diocese.

More info here:


I don’t think they have an English language website.

PM AlexV.

PM AlexV. IIRC, his name is inscribed with +Rifan.

The current Apostolic Administrator of São João Maria Vianney is Bishop Fernando Arêas Rifan. He succeeded upon the death of Bishop Rangel in 2002. Bishop Rangel had asked the Holy Father for an auxiliary, John Paul gave him a coadjutor instead. The priestly society appears to be in good shape.


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