Whatever happened to former priest Corapi?

Last I heard he was no longer a priest. He would make a good executive at a Manhattan PR firm.

This fairly recent blog article seems reliable enough: veneremurcernui.wordpress.com/2013/01/25/update-on-fr-corapi/. I was never a devotee of Fr. Corapi’s. After being a in cultish Pentecostal sect for many years before becoming Catholic I shy away from “cult of personality” driven ministeries. I simply don’t trust them because it is all to easy for such devotion to go to any minister’s head, which is apparently did with Fr. Corapi. I wish him well, but I can understand how and why he burned out. It is probably best for him and everyone else that he not come back unless and until he’s got himself sorted out, if indeed he is doing that.

Thanks. Article mentioned that he’s quite wealthy. Do you know how he amassed such wealth?

He did a lot of speaking tours and had a lucrative business of selling his talks on DVD and CD (I bought quite a few). He wrote books as well. He’s a great speaker, it’s sad that he chose the path he did. He needs prayers.

He sold a lot of tapes/cd’s and books at his conferences. Also charged a lot for admission to his lectures. So much for the “vow of poverty”. He was under a vow of obedience and was told by his religious superior to return to his community. Guess he was more interested in keeping his money than obeying his church. I feel sorry for all the people he fooled.

Father Corapi was a good priest that helped a lot of Catholics. What happened to him happens to priests every day in the Church.

Pray for Father Corapi, and take heed, lest you fall too.

Pax Christi!

Following this.

God bless.

I agree that Father Corapi was a target for Satan. I also think that as a person with a former drug and alcohol problem as he was, he should’ve stayed on top of his recovery. I think he did like many who “get religion” after sobering up or getting clean. He, like so many others with the disease, substituted religion for recovery and left recovery behind and guess what? It works for a time and then time runs out and you forget where you came from and what you went through, then whammo, drunk or high once again with no way out. He wouldn’t be the first person who that has happened to, he won’t be the last. Hopefully he’ll find recovery once again and maintain it.

Once a person develops the disease of addiction, they are never entirely free of it. They remain addicts or alcoholics or both. They must do what they must to maintain their recovery or they lose it. The disease isn’t cured when they are abstinent, it is only arrested. To put it another way, Father Corapi used to be a cucumber, but he got pickled - he’ll never go back to being a cucumber again. Most people die of the disease of addiction and it gets very ugly. Only the lucky few find solid recovery. I can only pray that Father Corpi will find his way back to it and decide to keep it this time.


P.S. I miss him. He was a dynamo and we were all blessed to have him.

I heard many of his talks and have many tapes, DVDs etc and everything he said was very orthodox. I did not lose or become confused in my faith over what happened to him, but I was very saddened and I pray Our Lady will come to his rescue once again. I appreciate all I learned from him and am more aware of how quickly we can fall. God Bless, Memaw

Reliable enough as far as gossip and hearsay.

In a genuine court he would have had a chance to defend himself. He could be guilty of everything people seem to wish him guilty of and worse…but thanks to the way he was ‘buried,’ we’ll never know.

More than just the Catholic materials, I think the bulk of the wealth was awarded in a lawsuit where he was a whistleblower for some medical fraud thing.

You note that even that update is from a year and a half ago. There isn’t really any other info out there.

I just want to add that Father Corapi was very influenchil In my becoming Catholic. It was at a time when I was into the history of the early church that led me to the Catholic Church. By the way before that I was an evangelical christian. I served as deacon in various Baptist churches and Father Corapi’s TV program was a big factor in learnig more about the churches teachings. BTW he fall from grace did not influence me in making my decision.

Today’s OT reading was about Solomon and how he started out so well. But, he let his desire for women get in the way and fell big time. It can happen to anyone. Many people benefited from Fr. Corapi’s ministry and that was all to the good. I’m sure God is well aware of the good done through Father’s efforts. :slight_smile: I was never a devotee only because I cannot let myself be anyone’s devotee no matter how holy or what good they are doing–not until theiy are dead and safely free of any more chances to gravely sin. I learned this lesson only too well coming from my history (already discussed in my last post). I certainly admire many in the Church and pray fervently for their ministries, but I cannot and will not attach my star to any of them because they are just as human as I am. Neither do I attach any importance to my own attempts to minister. I prefer to leave any judgment of my life (or anyone else’s) and the work God has given me (or anyone’s) to him and to the judgment of the Church, if that ever becomes an issue in my case, which I highly doubt. :wink:

AMEN and God Bless, Memaw

I also am very wary of cult-like following, whether in the Church our outside of it. I’ve seen it go wrong too many times. My “spiritual hero” as it were, is Saint Benedict, who has been dead for 1500 years and his teachings have withstood the test of time!

There is a continuous rosary for Fr. Corapi here:


I came back to my Catholic roots partly because of listening to him and Bishop Fulton Sheen on Catholic radio. I miss him. I pray for him.

Me too. I would love to watch his DVDs again now that I’m officially Catholic but I have mixed feelings about it. I realize that he’s human like us all, but somehow I feel like all that happened takes away from the message. Anyone else experience this?

Yes, I did too and I am an 'old" Catholic. But then I decided I had to separate the message from the hurt I felt about the messenger. And once again I could enjoy his DVD’s. So I pray for him and all those who have ‘fallen away’ from the true Faith. I have family members that have done that and I still love them even tho I am sad about it. God Bless, Memaw


I recently attempted to listen to some audio of his, and found I was a little too distracted with thoughts about scandal and so forth. I decided that, since there are so many other wonderful catechists that I could listen to, I would be better off listening to one of them instead.

Having said that, others may be comfortable listening to his presentations, and I’m sure the materials are quite useful and edifying. He was a wonderful speaker.

It’s certainly a judgement call.

Also, I am very, very happy that Fr. Corapi helped so many open their hearts to God’s grace, and I am even more pleased that they didn’t fall away after the scandal broke. Blessed be God!

I wasn’t in the Church yet when I discovered Fr. Corapi. When I became interested in becoming Catholic I started listening to Immaculate Heart Radio. As an aside I credit IH radio along with the Holy Spirit for bringing me into the Church. It was the first time I had ever heard of him. I thought he was very entertaining, but he didn’t sound very sincere to me or what I thought a priest should be. I was very sorry to hear about his problems, but wasn’t very surprised because he would always bring up his Hollywood background and seemed to me to be almost bragging. I hope he is able to get his life straightened around, but I am worried that he will keep blaming the Church for his trouble. I will pray for you Father C. :signofcross:

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