Whatever happened to liberal compassion?

**Whatever happened to liberal compassion?
by N. Beaujon
April 26, 2005

Given that liberals are the most spoiled demographic on earth and “Democrat” is just another name for an overindulged, entitled pedantic, whatever happened to liberal compassion? The Party of Do-Gooders has turned into a pie-throwing, salad dressing slinging, venomous, hate mongering mob whose only agenda seems to be to antagonize conservatives and humiliate people of faith. I guess it’s easy to be “compassionate” when everything’s going your way.

Yesterday, Howard Dean (and we all know who he is) had another emotional vomit session and squealed that Republicans were “evil”, “corrupt” and “brain dead”. This from a guy who ran a state where the primary industry is whining or watching their compost piles rise. Howard Dean is no Einstein so it sure is fun watching him try to reinvigorate the Democratic Party by running its platform through the slime. Liberals are losing all self control and it’s a sight to behold. The party of compassion, today, believes it is entirely justified in committing the most obscene acts of slander as they try to insinuate themselves into a national discourse that, sadly, believes they are no longer relevant. (Witness George Soros who donated at least $20 million of his own money to Moveon.org and then failed to block the re-election of President George W. Bush or Air America with an initial investment of $13 million and no one is listening.) There is nothing a churlish, emotionally stunted liberal hates more than being marginalized.

The face of today’s liberal is no JFK. It is the pit bull-like sneer of Al Franken, and Air-head America’s Jeannine Garafolo; screaming Deaniacs, bellowing election loser Al Gore and Shriller than thou Hillary Clinton. When seething liberals aren’t busy filing sickening lawsuits to remove the word “God” from the pledge of allegiance, making the world safe for NAMBLA and protecting our Republic from Religious symbols on state seals, they are frantically “outing” gay Republicans. As proof of their so-called tolerance (and self-loathing) Gay-basher Michael Rogers of BlogActive.com has initiated an “outing” campaign of gays in conservative politics. However, in a cruel and ironic twist of fate the right to free speech was again eviscerated when Rogers, in an effort to silence his own critics, went on a successful “Jihad” to have website Lime Shurbert.com closed down. The crime? When blogger “GayPatriot” created and distributed his own [/font]“wanted poster that read: “STOP [This] Terrorist Now. Stop the Hateful Outing Campaign…Stop Michael Rogers…!", free speech was no longer a cherished entity. Liberals have no sense of humor.

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