Whatever happened to so and so?


Which former members of CAF (or members who stopped posting) do you miss?

I just realized that SuperLuigi hasn’t posted since May. We agreed on virtually nothing but somehow the forums feel different when some people drift away or are suspended indefinitely.

I miss PianistClare, too. Again, we didn’t always agree, but it still feels strange without her here. I think I saw Hoosier Daddy posting recently but he was gone for a long while.

Who do you miss?


There was an older Irish lady who used to post.
She had just moved to a new home, and there were issues with the move.
I hope she’s okay, I don’t know what her health was.


That was Rosebud77. She posted recently that she left the Church.


My husband and I have been married for 21+ years. Every time a couple around us divorces, it feels so sad. That’s the same feeling I get when I hear about people leaving the Church. :frowning:


I miss pianistclare, @Pup7, @Don_Ruggero, @tbcrawford, @Trishie and a bunch of people that used to post in the prayer warriors support group. I really miss the friends list we used to be able to have. I would use it to pm people just to say hi if I hadn’t seen them on the forum for a while.


I miss Don Ruggero, Spyridon, Pianistclare, and JamalChristophr.

Was happy to see several of the other priests back posting again after some absence.


Oh, my. I didn’t even notice that Spyridon hasn’t been posting. That’s…worrisome given his history. I also didn’t notice that JamalChristophr is MIA but he is missed.


I’ve been wondering about her also and about Pianist Clare.




What? No!

I’ll remember her in my prayers


I miss all of them. Please come back!


I remember Cheezy and also EstesBob. There was a poster named Michael-something (I can’t recall) who had an avatar of St. Francis. I miss a lot of those mentioned above too.

I remember Don Snow too, who was always so polite. He died in 2015.

LuigiDaniel is another I remember now, and of course BrotherJR, who I understand is still alive and well despite chronic health troubles.

Teachccd is one of the few members I know in real life. Happily, he’s alive and well but does not post on CAF anymore.


I forgot about Estesbob. I wonder if he is still in Houston. I liked him too.


I do know that one mentioned above is on suspension. This forum can take a lot out of you, if you let it. Sometimes I’m just too “tired” to get involved. But then I see a post about someone starting RCIA… :slight_smile:


It’s been a few years since I’ve seen Peggy In Burien, who used to sign herself “Peggy, Queen of Titan and the Outer Planets, Empress of the Outbound Stars”. She was a regular in the Ban The Person Above You threads. Her last post (that is still on the site) is from 2014, but I don’t know if she had any newer posts that were purged in the changeover to the new software last year (the old ban threads were all deleted).


I noticed @kill051 hasn’t been posting for about a month…


Don Snow, he died a couple of years ago, he used to post a lot.


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