Whatever happened to?


Yes, I know and realize that we should not ask about people since it is a private manner but sometimes I just cant help but to think and wonder…:confused:

Whatever happened to Sr. Leocadia SASD?

Whatever happened to the Religious Order called, The Servants of the Afflicted of St. Dymphna?

Here is one of Sister Leocadia’s psotings:


  • Sister Leocadia did have a blog but it no longer works:


I also found this on phatmass com



Maybe she has moved.


Her sister is on our religious habit group, and is a non-Catholic who makes nun dolls. Her IP address reconciles to a location in the UK, supporting their claim to be living there.

I’ve not heard anything as of late, though. My last correspondence with the sister indicated that Sister was going offline to concentrate on their community.

Some say that Sister is a fake, but my emails with her seem to tell another story, and she does seem to have behavioral health training.



sorry for the change of thread. I couldn’t find the “new Thread” link.

…What ever happened to …Phatmass? I can’t fing the long in button and to my mind, haven’t been excommunicated from Phatmass! I realize that it has changed in phormat.

Any ideas? I realize that there are a lof of posters here on CAF that also post on Phatmass.



Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions.

As for your question, yaate perhaps this will help you


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Thanks goforgoal.

When I try to use my old password, it isn’t recognized. When I ask for a new password, I don’t receive a link.


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