Whats a Christians rule of life without Love?


I have asked some question on a previous thred and have no got any responce what so ever so Im posting it to all

Since Moondweller has been conserned about my rule of life I ask him what is your rule of life if it is without love?

If you are going to apply your rule of life without Love than your no different than the demon

So the question is what the difference in a Protestant and a demon if all if is, is just mere faith without love?

also I asked
If Jesus fulfilled the Law as to abolish it, than how do Christians fulfill the Law by loveing one another?

I ask it that way because moondweller believe basically that Jesus fulfilled the Law and made it obsolite

But the passage says he came to fulfill not to abolish. It does not say he came to fulfill so it would be abolished.:confused:

plus scripture says Christians fulfill the law by love how is that if Jesus fulfilled it as Protestants believe it to be fulfilled:shrug:


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