What's a good college that offers Catholic Theology?


I want to be a theologian when I grow up. What's a good college that offers Catholic Theology and teaches what the Church teaches?


I've heard good things about Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio and Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.


Seconding Franciscan. I can't wait to go there when I escape high school. :D


Looking for a sound educational program is very important, but just as important is looking for a sound educational environment. It does no good to LEARN the faith, if you are not also LIVING the faith.

In my opinion a good first cut test that will eliminate the vast majority of schools- what are the housing arrangments like? Do single men and women live together, a very serious occasion of sin? I'd contend you would have a very difficult time living the faith in such an environment. Look for a school with seperate male and female dorms, where the intervisitation is on a limited basis, and the rules are actually enforced.

As of my last visit to Steubenville they passed this test, and although I have never been to Christendom, I am told they do as well.


<-- Franciscan Alumna. Excellent theology program there.


I also recommend Franciscan University but I also HIGHLY recommend Ave Maria University in Florida.

A beautiful university that I am also looking into the possibilty of going to.


Okay. Thanks.


Franciscan has a lot of weird charismatics who think they can speak in tongues, though


Oh no, not another “gift of tongues” debate.:rolleyes:
Perhaps they can. Perhaps they cant. But I think calling them weird is out of line.
I personally dont want to look Jesus in the face at my death and explain calling something I didnt have or understand weird.


There are many Catholic Universities which can provide a wonderful learning environment if you are interested in studying your faith, but another option is seminary. Are you wishing to study and teach theology, or are you also considering a religious vocation?

I attended Marquette University and was very inspired by the Jesuits who’s lives combine commitments to Catholicism and education. I took a number of wonderful courses in theology and philosophy, but my major was in neither field.

I am not really sure that how the dorms are set up are that big of a deal - one has to develop their own self control and this can be more important in selection of a girlfriend or boyfriend than selection of a dorm. I had some promiscuous roomates but was not myself promiscuous. And I found that when I lived in the women’s dorm, it was like a game for men to get in after hours and they often succeeded, whereas when I was in the co-ed dorm (separate floors for men and women) there was far less sleeping around that I noticed.


[quote="ChiRho, post:8, topic:251432"]
Franciscan has a lot of weird charismatics who think they can speak in tongues, though


Franciscan has SOME charismatics who think they can speak in tongues. Many, many, many people who go there (myself included, when I attended) were not involved in any of the charismatic events and still had an absolutely wonderful experience.


I attended the College of St. Benedict for women in MN and my husband attended St. John’s University for men. The two campuses share classes and nearly everything else except for living arrangements. The campuses are beautiful and the many priests, nuns and monks bring a sense of serenity and peace to the schools.


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