What's a moral way of dealing with arrogant people?

It has been my experience that many doctors (at least in my country) are quite arrogant.
I never have this experience dealing with people from any other trades so in my opinion the doctors that are like this maybe are already inclined to be this way before entering medical school and then it just gets reinforced once they receive the title of “doctor” and all the prestige and praise that goes with it.
They often have an attitude that treats patients as if they are lower than them.

How do you deal with people like this but at the same time keeping to Catholic values?
It seems that if you be humble and keep being kind to them they never change because no one ever challenges them.

Thanks Elena

I am the wrong person to answer this, since I am arrogant. I just try to keep my composure, even when they are talking down to me. I find it easier just to humble yourself before them. Even if their honour is undeserved, they are still in a position that you and I are not.

Sorry but I don’t really agree with that.
I have been to University but I see all people on the same level-whether doctors or bakers etc.
That’s not to diminish anyone’s accomplishments,but I don’t believe any level of accomplishments should entitle someone to be arrogant/act haughty.

I havent met arrogant or haughty medical professionals. I have met Doctors who sleep in 4hr shifts and work 30hrs. One of the hardest working professions here. And we have so many multicultural Docs now. Asian, African, even Swedish! Muslim, Catholic, Jewish.

In saying that, if you dont get along with a Doctor, and can choose, find another. I have three practices I attend, they all allow a patient to see any doctor working there. One is rural, one city 24/7, and one the old traditional make an appt 3 days ahead type. They all share records if asked.

Difficult. It is very difficult to keep your patience around a know it all. I would respect the doctor but if they are wrong tell them. Don’t tell them with the intention of humbling them.

I worked in the medical field for a number of years. Most doctors I met were kind and caring. Many now are just employees of large practices and feel the same pressures most people feel being a cog in a big machine.

Those who were closer to what you describe I think are just hiding an insecurity. Generally in any area of life someone who is arrogant is just hiding a fear within. Some go to medical school because as was mentioned, they are held up high from a social and professional standpoint. The medical system as well revolves around their decisions so I think it is a good field for those who are insecure to feel lifted up.

As far as a Christian response to arrogance, my signature line " Be nice, everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about" seems to work well.

Thanks for the topic.

You really have to just think deeply and arrive at what is the best decision for you.

Some people are difficult to deal with, and might never be able change their ways, and it may be best to avoid conflict with them whenever possible and be polite while ignoring their faults.

Other people may be bullies and may actually respond and respect someone who stands up for themselves. Some bullies back off if someone defends themselves in a clear resolute polite manner.

Which type of person you are dealing with is for you to really think about and decide how they will respond to what you do or say.
If you know deep down that the person will not respond to what you say, it may be best just to ignore their faults.
If you feel they may listen and take on board your words, that is another story.
Jesus said in the Bible, “Correct your brother no more than three times, if he will not listen to you may he be as dead to you.” (basically Jesus meant, if someone doesn’t respond to correction there is no point in correcting them on certain occasions, unless it would be sinful not to speak up).

St Theresa Of Liseux wrote: “Some temptations are only worth fleeing from. Better to run and not sin than to remain and say or do something you will regret.”

And then there is the other option of St John Bosco, who always spoke up for and defended himself. The result of which was that he kept his enemies from walking all over him

As a long time medical professional (22 yrs!) I know the docs you’re talking about. Boy, the stories I could tell. While a soft answer turns away wrath, and humility is always a virtue, it IS moral to set boundaries to protect self and others.

If a patient is being verbally abused by a physician, ask to see him outside the room or call your nursing supervisor. If not, and you have a good relationship with the Doctor, you can try talking to her first. Otherwise, it may have to come from their peers. Make your manager or director aware, documenting the situation. They’ll take it to the physician advocates or quality board.

If it’s you that’s being talked down to, or another nurse, it’s good to say, “I’m sure you don’t mean this the way it sounds. Let’s talk about this in a minute after we’ve both had time to gather our wits,” or something of that kind. Sometimes, it may be necessary to say something even more firm, “if you have orders to give, or patient communication, Sir (or ma’am) I’m happy to take that. But I won’t stand here and be berated.” Give them a minute then WALK away.

The age of nursing as a handmaiden of the Doctor is over. Over. If a physician is so intimidating that the nursing staff or patients are afraid to call them, this is a PATIENT safety issue and must be corrected.

The apostles and jesus spoke up and defended themselves against the arrogant pharisees.
Jesus did defend himself during his Passion, “He told the Pharisees, 'before Moses was I AM.” you will see the son of God coming in the clouds with great glory." For which of my good deeds do you condemn me? I was with you in the temple daily and you never approached me, now you come with clubs like thieves in the night."

Some bullies will stop the bullying only if someone stands up to them.

We always have to respect all people no matter how they treat us. That doesn’t mean we have to be silent. If the doctor sounds arrogant, state the truth in as nice a way you can. Some doctors may just sound arrogant but are actually very nice. If the doctor really is arrogant, you might try seeing a different one. Also, maybe you have just had bad luck with doctors so far. Most of my doctors have been pretty nice people. Some of them only did the minimum while others went the extra mile, but they pretty much all treated me well as far as I remember.

Wow. I’m surprised saints spoke about human incompatibility. I think defending yourself is undervalued. There are some people interacting with them is oil and water. Some people bring out the worst in each other. If your foot causes you to sin, cut it off.

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