What's a movie you really liked, but it got terrible reviews?

*One that comes to mind, is Premonition, with Sandra Bullock. haha I remember discussing this with a few coworkers in the breakroom last year when I first saw it, and they were bashing it…saying how they couldn’t finish it. When I went on to explain what the movie was about, they looked to be insulted…and said, ‘uh, I got the movie sharon, it was just stupid.’ haha Well, excuse me. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought it was great. I cried at the end…no matter what she tried to do, she couldn’t save her husband.

I also loved that Christmas movie with Ben Affleck and Christina Applegate, and the guy from Sopranos? haha That is a movie I watch every Christmas.

Maybe I just like bad movies. :blush:

You have any that springs to mind?*

Ishtar, but don’t tell anyone. I was literally in tears from laughing.

I doubt I’d find it quite so funny today.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

My DH and I LOVE that movie, and it was in the theaters for about 5 minutes. I think it got roundly panned.

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay was great too.

Can’t wait for the third installment… though Kal Penn will have to work around his job in Obama’s White House. :rolleyes:

If you rent these, be warned. Extremely juvenile humor on very adult topics, rampant marijuana use, bad language.

White Chicks (2004)


Making my way downtown
Walking fast
Faces passed
And I’m home bound…


**The Island (2005), RV (2006), Rat Race (2001), Jersey Girl (2004), The Time Machine (2002), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) ** were also good.

… Ernest Goes to Camp



:eek::ouch: *Oh my gosh, these are really bad! *


I remember they gave a bad review on the mighty ducks like 2 out of 5. and i went to see it and i’m thinking to myself whats wrong with this movie. this movie is good. i think it was mighty ducks 3.

All three Pirate of the Caribbean movies. I’m sure there are many more.

The new one I just watched, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. >_>;;
Not that I really care what them high-and-mighty critics have to say. :rolleyes:
The action and transformations where awesome!! XD

All the Ernest P. Worrell movies are excellent. * Ernest Saves Christmas* is delightful, even showing a Christian bumper sticker on Ernest’s cab. The story in *Ernest Saves Christmas *is very good with clever plot and interesting characters. Perfect family movie.

The movie I really like, in spite of terrible reviews, was The Marine. Of course it featured Robert Patrick, my favorite actor, in a plum role as the villain. It also featured a charming John Cena (the wrestler) in his acting debut.

Most of the critics were completely negative about this movie, praising only Robert Patrick for correctly interpreting his role and playing it with humor. (He often seems to get positive reviews even if the movie is a bomb and all the other actors are awful.)

But ONE critic bucked the trend, and called the movie brilliant, a throwback to the old action flicks. He predicted that years from now, people will be watching this movie just for fun, and ignoring all the trendy and timely Oscar winners.

I agree with him!

BTW, The Marine is NOT for children! :eek: It’s an action flick–lots of shootings and and knifings and fires and buildings getting blown up and cars getting shot to shards and punching and ooffing and falling into water with crocodiles! There is also some racial humor, which I think is hilarious–the black guy is asked by Rome, “Why is it always racial with you? Why can’t we just be people?” And there’s a child sexual abuse account (the black guy tells about his experiences at summer camp, but it’s pretty funny–“First he offered me friendship. Then he offered me rock candy. Then he offered me something that I never should have taken!”)

Another disturbing thing–SPOILER!–is that the cop turns out to be bad. I guessed it from the beginning (his eyes are very evil). But IMO, this is not a good message for young children or pre-teens. They need to trust the cops, not doubt them.

I think a lot of this dialogue and plot would go right over the heads of most kids, but still, there are a lot more wholesome choices of movies for kids, so why take a chance? This is one for a couple who is having a night away from the kids and just want to kick back, drink a few beers, eat a lot of chips, and fall asleep on the sofa. Or a great movie for a father and son to watch while Mom is out of town at a religious retreat. Lots and lots of action and a great hero who goes through hell to rescue his wife! Some swearing. One sexy scene, but nothing happens, and it’s the two villains, so we expect them to be living in sin. John Cena and his screen wife are married, so their little sex scene (showing her bra and panties) is OK, IMO.

I loved Punch-Drunk Love with Adam Sandler. I’m the only one of my friends who enjoys that movie.

Somewhere In Time with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymor.
I am just a silly romantic.

The postman and waterworld. I watched the postman again not long ago. Some cheesy lines. But still it was ok.

Yes…White Chicks…I loved Jennifer Carpenter (Exorcism of Emily Rose) in this one too…

oh wow, did that get bad reviews when it came out? haha, I love that movie, too. :smiley:

hahahaha I am losing respect for you, Simon. :p:D Kidding. I like some terrible movies, too. I can’t bring myself to even rent the White Chicks movie though…oh my gosh, it looks so bad! :o

Jennifer Carpenter is hot!

Speaking of Jennifer Carpenter, Quarantine (2008) was good too! One of my favorites from last year.

Independence Day when it came out in 1996 received a terrible review from Gene Siskel and after watching that movie, I thought he was full of it! It was a great movie!! Every 4th of July this Canadian celebrates his Neighbors birthday by watching it!!!

Of course Passion of the Christ received some terrible reviews and we all know how great that was.

Finally the movie Fireproof received some terrible reviews by some posters here at CAF and I thought it was a GREAT movie.

Excellant movie!!!

Though my fav is 1941 by Speilberg. He even said it was his worst. Im laughing right here just thinking about it.

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