What's a Rite?


What’s a Rite within the Church?


Here is a link to some infor on rites, it is pretty interesting if you don’t want to read just a definition, but also have much more to look at.


Here is the catholic encyclopedia link.

Basically a rite is a method of participating in a certain religious group, in the Catholic Church it is described pretty good with the encyclopedia link above.

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[quote=Fieryjades]What’s a Rite within the Church?

Without looking a “Rite” is a ceremonial within which a Sacrament is celebrated. This also applies to the Eastern Churches. We call them Eastern Catholic Churches because they are Churches within the Catholic family. However we also used to refer to them as Eastern Rites because they celebrated the Sacrament of the Eucharist within their own liturgical tradition.


How do we know if a rite or practice is within the Church?


How do we know if a rite or practice is within the Church?

It will usually say as much. For example, Catholics who practice the Byzantine Rite, as opposed to the generally more familiar Latin Rite used by the Roman Church are refered to as Byzantine Catholics. The Maronites are Maronite Catholics, ect. Those Rites that are in communion with the Pope usually make it EXPLICITELY clear that they are, because in many cases they are identical or nearly identical to those practiced outside of the Church by one of the Orthodox Churches, for example.


[quote=Fieryjades]How do we know if a rite or practice is within the Church?

The Church Publishes the Rites:

You can obtain the Rite of Baptism, The Rite of Marriage, The Rite of Reconciliation, The Roman Rite -The Order of the Mass, The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

Sorry there is no such thing as The Rite of Christian Initiation of Children published by the Church. This would be an example of something someone made up on their own.

You see the difference between myself and Ghosty. We are both addressing the word “Rite” but in two different uses. This is why the Church has decided when refering to the Eastern “Rite” they will now be called Churches.

Byzantine Rite is now the Byzantine Church and the Maronite Rite is now the Maronite Church.


If you want an extremely informative primer on the various rites and churches that comprise the Catholic Church (I assume by “rite” you are referring to the different ways of celebrating the Mass/Divine Liturgy), then click the Following link, and start at post #28:



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