Whats about this Pope Sylvester II fable

I heard about the legendary fable about Poe Sylvester II and his pact with a Succubus(if not breaking of celibacy) whats it all about?

Succubi are mythical creatures. Sylvester could not have interacted with a succubus any more than he could interact with a unicorn or a dragon. None of these creatures are real.

The concept of a succubus did not even exist in Sylvester’s day (the word did not appear until 1387, but Sylvester-2 died in 1003).

thanks for the clarification, I needed it :slight_smile:

This. :thumbsup:

And even if succubi were real, papal infallibility only protects the Church from the Pope teaching error regarding Faith and Morals. It’s doesn’t protect us from having an immoral pope with no faith.

phil and david are right

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