What's all this about Mother Teresa's crisis of faith?


I don´t read Time magazine but a non Catholic friend of mine asked me about the Sept. 3 issue about Mother Teresa. Seems there is an article called "Secret Life of Mother Teresa and her 50 year crisis of faith. Can you give me some insight on this article?



The article is the result of the release of some of Mother Teresa’s correspondence in which she mentions the long period of spiritual dryness she felt ever since she followed the Lord’s request that she begin a new community of sisters to serve the poor.

This is really no bulleton. She herself had mentioned this when she was still alive. Many, many saints have experienced such lack of consolation and even doubt. St. Catherine of SIena experienced such doubts that at times she didn’t know if she was in the state of sin or the state of grace.

Such crosses enable to the person to grow in their love for the Lord by making acts of faith and love without any consolation–and are really blessings in disguise.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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