What's an adage that your parents or grandparents used to say to you?

Mum heard a nun say once long long ago ,and she repeats it often, keep your head in the clouds ,and feet firmly on the ground.‘
And also,’in the world but not of the world ‘Is one she reminds me often .


Me after belching: “Excuse me”
Grandma: “There is no excuse for you, Adam”.


Where I live “The Devil is beating his wife”, is what it is called when there is sunshine and rain at the same time.


That phrase inspired a song I wrote. The chorus…

"Grandma told me,
Rain was the Angels crying
She always said that Thunder was the sound of the devil beating his wife
Grandma told me,
'bout the flood in '37
And all a little boy really needed to know,
She talked a lot about heaven "

(All true)


We call that a sun shower

I’ve heard that one here. Another one was something like - they’re bowling in heaven whenever there was thunder .

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Yes - and also heard “I’ll do the time and pay the fine. (As a a scare threat to have you do b something)

I think Casey Kasem said that. Or something similar.

I think it was keep your feet on the ground and kept reaching for the stars.


Hmm… “waste not, want not”.

And, “put on a sweater, don’t turn up the heat!” (Hey… we were trying to do our part to conserve energy in the 70s/80s!)

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