What's catholic teaching on cryogenic sperm banking for fertility purposes?

Thank you for your replies everyone. Due to so many conflicting opinions I ended up speaking with my priest. He advised me to follow my doctor’s recommendation on the banking issue for peace of mind’s sake, to go ahead and bank the sperm and that because there’s a decent chance I would end up not having to use the sperm, to cross that bridge when it comes. He assured me that fertility banking in my situation for a serious medical condition and receiving harsh but life-saving chemotherapy with the possibility of becoming infertile is in no way, shape, or form a sin, and people who would say otherwise would do well to keep judgements to themselves and for me to pray and receive guidance from God. I went ahead and banked the sperm at a fertility clinic where I was assured it will never be used for outside research purposes or for anything other then what I specify and can only be frozen each year or discarded with my permission, that there is very little chance of mix-up. I have undergone two chemotherapy sessions and the fertility issue that was once a great source of anxiety to me is no longer an issue. I appreciate everyone’s input, have a great Christmas season!

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