What's different in the new rite of marriage?

Concerning the Order of Celebrating Matrimony, What are the significant changes in the celebration of this sacrament in the U.S?

There really aren’t any significant changes to the rite but rather some simple changes in several spots.

The changes that occurred are:[list]
*] a new translation of the marriage prayers according to the principles used in translating the latest Roman Missal.
*] the official title changed from “Rite of Marriage” to “Order for Celebrating Matrimony”
*] the penitential rite has been cut
*] the Gloria has been added
*] optional rites have been added: exchange of coins and a blessing and placing of a lazo (a veil or cord) over the couple during the nuptial blessing
*] the ritual book will also contain additional blessings for engaged couples and marriage anniversaries (outside of a nuptial Mass, obviously)
*] additional choices of readings and prayers[/list]

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