What's everyone doing for Lent?

Hey all, just want to be nosy and ask what you are doing for Lent? :wink: Fasting? Praying more? Trying to become a better person? Me, I’m still undecided at the moment I’m afraid… :frowning:

I’m giving up frivolus(sp?) spending. Although I’n not Catholic yet, I thought I would participate in Lent to get a feel for doing something that I’ve not done before

I’m trying to watch my language more, which is usually not a problem except when I get really upset, but that is NO excuse. Gotta stop that. Also, trying to have a better prayer life and love people more.

I’m giving up my lunch at school and during the lunch time, I’ll be in the school library reading Collosians and some papal encyclicals. I’m also giving up candy and any extravagant sweets like donuts.

I am diabetic (T2) but I have a VERY sweet tooth and although I manage my diabetes reasonably successfully I am always tempted by sugar-laden foods. I, therefore, give up chocolate, sweets, cakes and biscuits. I (hope) I am honouring God and the Lenten Fast by giving up things that I really enjoy and helping my own health by giving up something that is akin to poison for my system. As we get nearer Easter Sunday I usually wish that Lent was a 12 month thing.(Sorry, I could think of no suitable word instead of ‘thing’ to describe a year-long Lent. No offense meant!)

What I do for Lent is, Pray ,fast ,give alms, say Thee Stations of the Cross,and help other, that have a hard time helping themself.

Giving up chocolate for the whole of Lent along with the internet on Sundays.

Well when Lent arrives, I mediated a lot on, The suffering of our Lord what he,threw to save us Than when,I say the Sorrowful Mysteries, I think at the beinging of each Mysteries,what Jesus is going threw,and than being that Mysteries.,and watch movies like King of Kings. Passion of Chirst, I also visit the sick.

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I have a problem with overeating. I know this is gluttony and it is very hard to overcome. So for Lent this year I think I’m going to give up all desserts and breads. I am also going to give up several days on Facebook as that is another addiction of mine. I use it as a platform for ministry but even with that it’s easy to kill several hours there.

I think meat…

Based on some of the other recent threads – perhaps giving up Halloween?

I don’t know what i’m going to do this Lent. Last time, I decided to follow all of the Old Testament dietary laws. My wife has a jewish aunt and uncle… she knew the rules. So, I thought I’d give that a try. Wow, That was a lot harder than I thought it’d be. Apparently, It’s more than just no pork.:slight_smile:

Also, I hadn’t planned this when Lent began… but, I went to Mass EVERY DAY during Holy Week. I decided to just do that when I realized that I was already half way there (Tuesday after Mass). This I think I might do again. THAT was definitely worth it.:thumbsup:

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