What's everything I'm not allowed to do when not under a state of grace

I haven’t been confirmed yet, which puts me in a tate that is not in grace. I know I’m not allowed to participate in the eucharist. Is there anything else I shouldn’t do? I want to make sure so i don’t make any mistakes in this regard.

Don’t sin again.

Just to be clear, it’s not being unconfirmed that leaves you not in a state of grace. If you have already been baptized and subsequently committed mortals sins, that is what takes you out of the state of grace. As a candidate to become Catholic, you will have these sins removed at your first Confession. Then you will be free to receive all the other sacraments, including Confirmation and Holy Communion.

Not being in a state of grace makes you unable to receive worthily any of the sacraments except Confession. Other than that, you’re allowed to do everything.

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