What's Going On?

I found this video online: youtube.com/watch?v=J_I-PdGpEOU

Just watching it, my impression is that this is a Ruthenian Catholic church. The video is taken in Roznava, Slovakia.

The video is kinda grainy, and the chant sounds like it’s in Church Slavonic.

The guy filming the video makes it seem like he’s spying on them. :rolleyes:

Does anybody know what’s going on? The words being chanted?


(btw, the singing does not begin until about 1 minute in)

It is interesting that the category listed for the video is “comedy”. I gather the videographer wasn’t inteding on portraying a postitive light on a religious event, rather possibly intrigued in a somewhat agnostic way given the subject matter of his other videos.
The hymn seems to be not Slavonic, but Slovak language. Unfortunately it is hard to distinguish with so much microphone noise.

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