What's going through your mind just before, during and after Communion?


Are you totally focussed?
Not distracted by anything or anyone else?
How would you advise a beginner to approach this part of the Mass?


Oh man, I hope I’m worthy. Yeah lord. Please make me worthy. I love you Jesus


Great answer. Sorry but I have to be honest. I was thinking of the words from the movie “Wayne’s World” when I first read your post. Just goes to show how secular I am. :slight_smile:


I kneel and pray when I first sit down before mass, and ask for forgiveness of any sins that I’ve committed to prepare me for communion. Afterwards I kneel and pray for my family and things that come to mind.


I do that too. I keep repeating “lord have mercy on me a sinner” over and over.


I think SHB captured it. Sometimes, while walking up, I’ll say an extra Act of Contrition.


You should want Christ to live in you & thru you.
You need Him to transfigure you.


After we do the “Lord I am not worthy” prayer, I say a little prayer rejecting sin and asking God to help me reject sin. I then say the Act of Contrition to myself. If I have time waiting to walk up or actually walking up, I say my Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be for the Holy Father’s intention, and an extra Hail Mary for the Holy Father. After receiving, I return to the pew, where I thank Jesus for coming to be with me, say the Jesus Prayer, and then say the Anima Christi, the Prayer Before a Crucifix, and finish any of the prayers for the Pope that I didn’t get done on the way up in the line. By that point it’s generally time for the final prayers.


I personally keep my eyes on the Crucifix while in the communion line. I say an Act of Contrition and repeat to myself the words of the Roman centurion, Domine, non sum dignus! This means a lot to me because I feel completely unworthy, but by the ever loving grace of God he brings us into the Holy mystery of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord.


sorry offtopic but that reminds me of a joke our priest used to tell us when I was a kid . An altar boy called Dominic. The priest says to him “Dominic go and get some biscuits.”


I pray to Mary before asking her to loan me her immaculate and pure heart to receive Jesus and asking her to pray and intercede for me and my friends/family. Then I pray to Jesus welcoming Him and asking Him to come live in me and increase in me so that I may decrease and it be Him that lives and not me one day (like St Paul said), then I ask that Jesus wash away my sins and given me all the graces I need to better do His will and learn His precepts and to better serve Him etc. the words may vary the idea is the same (this is usually while queuing) and if I have time I add any graces I am struggling with like humility and patience, otherwise I leave it up to Jesus to choose, then as I am given the host and wine I begin thanking Jesus for His body and blood but try to concentrate on not saying thank you aloud instead of amen! as I did that once. I walk back to my seat saying thank you and variations of that. That’s more or less what I do, I can’t say I don’t have mind wandering or the like. The prayer to Mary is a variation on Mother Thersea’s Mary, give me your Heart: so beautiful, so pure, so immaculate; your Heart so full of love and humility that I may be able to receive Jesus in the Bread of Life and love Him as you love Him and serve Him in the distressing guise of the poor.". - Mother Teresa.


I also pray to Mary to create in me a worthy dwelling place, as she arranged the manger in Bethlehem, to receive her son. I also offer the communion to God in atonement for my sins, the sins of others, the particular sin of abortion, and any other intention I have that day. After communion, I say the Prayer before the Crucifix and welcome and thank Jesus for coming to me.


I’m always thinking I am NOT worthy to receive Our Lord, never, no matter what, I am not worthy.

I try my very best to give Our Lord the reverence that He deserves and is due.

OK I HAVE to say this, I wait and bow to OUR LORD not to the back of the person in front of me. When the person in front of me has received and moved on to go back to his/her pew that is when I bow. ONLY when there is nothing “blocking” me from direct sight of Our Lord do I bow. I truly pay special attention to this since I read about doing this.

I receive, I return to my pew and I kneel and cover my eyes with my hands while my head is bowed. I stay that way until I hear or realize Father is back in the Sanctuary at the altar. I am in the 2nd pew on the right up front so it isn’t that difficult to hear when he steps back into the Sanctuary. All this time while my head is bowed my first thought is to pray the “Prayer of Abandonment”. I was given this by a nun many years ago when I had thought about being a Cloistered Carmelite. I have it memorized so I pray it. I just try to remember that I JUST RECEIVED JESUS HIMSELF and I just try to let that dawn on me and what it all means. I stay kneeling if possible until Father returns to his chair and sits and then I sit.


I started doing the bow thing after seeing that almost everyone in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia does it. Strangely, in the diocese where I grew up, almost no one bows. In other areas it is a mixed bag.

Because of the differences in bowing preferences for different areas where I go, I always bow while the person in front of me is receiving, because as a practical matter otherwise I risk having some collision accident with the priest or EMHC distributing communion, especially if they are not expecting a bow. I also bow sideways to keep from bonking the person ahead of me in line and I have to hold my glasses on wirh one hand because I’ve found that otherwise they may slip off my face when I bow. So my bow is not the most beautiful and reverent thing ever but I’m sure Jesus understands.


all through the Mass till right before we receive Communion

Did I sin? Oh my gosh I looked at that guy! Mortal sin? Okay maybe I should skip Communion. NO, I JUST WENT TO CONFESSION! I CAN’T GO MORE THAN ONCE!!


when I receive Communion
I tried God. I hope I didn’t sin. I’m sorry.

back at the pew tears run down my face as I remember the trauma anxiety has caused me
rests head on lap


1 hour later, back at home

What just happened? sigh

And this is on the days I manage to receive Communion :laughing::joy::thinking:

Advice for you: Don’t have any expectations. Don’t expect yourself to suddenly experience peace, hear choirs of angels signing etc… The Eucharist’s effect will be directly seen in the way you love and sacrifice for others.


Wow, cookie-san, this sounds traumatic. Unless you are aware of mortal sin and refrain from communion because of that, try to approach the dear Lord in peace and love. He is the doctor of our soul, and he is welcoming us with open arms. He does not want us to be fearful of him but trust in his mercy and love.


When I have received Communion I go back to my place and sit down .

I don’t use words .

I just want to be aware of this special presence of the Lord with a thankful mind .

If a hymn is being sung I don’t sing , but sometimes the words of the hymn may assist me in reflecting on Jesus’ presence .

I suppose I like to cosy up to the Lord .

If there is something out of the ordinary on my mind , I may then put that into words .

The words of this hymn sum up my attitude better than my own words - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                  Let all mortal flesh keep silence,
                                  And with fear and trembling stand;
                                  Ponder nothing earthly minded,
                                  For with blessing in His hand,
                                  Christ our God to earth descending
                                  Comes our homage to demand.


Depends on the day.

Sometimes things going on during Mass distract me so much. I might be thinking: I can’t believe that woman is reading a newspaper… that man literally just walked in this second and is receiving communion? Oh look, now he’s walking right back out after receiving… does he think this is a buffet? Wait… isn’t that my cousin’s drug dealer? Why is SHE in the communion line?

But God has told me more than once (through homilies, through reflections, etc) that I need not be worrying about everyone else so I have taken to keeping my head down but then my thought process is: “Don’t look… don’t look… don’t look at anyone… don’t step on anyone…”

Going back to the pew it’s sometimes things like: “Who was in the pew before me…” Because I want to get out of their path so they can easily return to their seats.

Once I’m finally back in my spot I’m generally thinking: “When do I kneel?” And watching and waiting for everyone else to kneel so I know when it’s time. Once kneeling I apologize and pour my heart out to God.

How would I advise a beginner to approach this part of the Mass?

Keep your head down.

Don’t worry about anything but Christ.

Prepare yourself with a little prayer as you’re walking up to the priest. Don’t worry about singing along with the choir, as even the music can be a distraction.

Once you’ve returned to your seat and are kneeling, say a prayer to God. There are many great prayers online if you’re not comfortable praying off the cuff, so to speak.


Before I receive Holy Communion, I pray the prayers I was given for penance, once again.
When I am making my way to receive, I am thinking how fortunate I am to have this opportunity to receive Jesus.
I kneel before receiving the Eucharist. When the priest or deacon says The Body of Christ, I say Amen and accept the bread to be placed on my tongue.
Then I return to my pew and pray to receive the strength to become a better person.


Some days I’m well-focused on the Eucharist and the mass. Other days I’m not. I do make a point of banishing distractions as I get in line to receive, avoid people-watching, etc… I have to make slowly exhale (not too loudly) out all the stress and distractions.

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