What's happened to Dinesh D'souza?



If you’ve seen any of his debates with Robert Spencer on (Radical Jihadist) Islam then you must be as mystified as I am. It’s as if he is not the same person, for example, as the one debating the
leftist Rabbi on ISI.org.

Do you suppose it’s possible that he’s been threatened by jihadists into no longer criticizing any aspect of Islam or Muslims?


Hey can you link some of his debates on Islam? I wasn’t aware of these.

I have his three debates from late 2007, discussing the What’s So Great About Christianity book: vs. Michael Shermer, vs. Daniel Dennett, vs. Chris Hitchens

Phil P


If you go to youtube.com and search for dinesh d’souza and/or robert spencer you’ll see him debating spencer.


compare that with his debate with rabbi michael lerner in '02.


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