What's happened to Real Catholic TV?

I’ve received two email alerts from Real Catholic Tv.com for two vortex episodes. The links do not work.
The episode link has always been for their YouTube page. Before that it went right to the usual YouTube service.
Since I was having problems I tried to log on to Real Catholic TV, but it’s no longer there! It simply does not exist.

Have they gone under? Is there site ‘under constructon’?
Anyone know??


The domain has apparently been suspended. When I go the page, the URL bar briefly shows a “domain suspended” address from Register.com which realcatholictv.com is registered too.

They have been having technical difficulties all weekend. They have been updating the Face book page periodically. Apparently the site has become more popular than the current capability to handle it. They have been getting it worked on all weekend. hopefully soon!

They’re back as of today.
Apparently their server was overwhelmed by the amount of traffic and shut itself down.

– Reg.

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