What's happening with this website?

I’m getting pop ups all the time.

My avatar that sits in the top right has duplicated itself and I have two up there and also the three lines and the search shape have doubled.

Also I am having floating sentences on the right hand side for other sites.

I’m saw double as well - but if you refresh your screen the ‘doubles’ disappeared for me.

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I’m having the same and I understand others are too.

Probably they’re doing some software upgrade.


I was wondering if that donate button is causing it. The double button and orange donate appeared for me today.

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I’m Done!


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You are not!!


maybe so … hope not though … maybe just logged off for a break until the site issues are sorted.

Software was apparently changed. I had the same. When you log on you might notice a blue “do you want to download the CAF ap”. Even though I had an ap, I downloaded it and tossed the older one. It fixed things

Some one dint do their regression testing.


I’m on a desktop pc … there’s an app? For android in the play store?

ETA - found one for CA Live, but not for the CAF. Stephie, is there an app specifically for the forums?

It was above the categories list in the main screen upon entering. Disappeared after I downloaded it.

ok, will try to log in from my phone and see what happens.
ETA - nope, didn’t appear for me. Maybe because I didn’t have the old app to begin with. Oh well…

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Are we talking about CAF? I am not having a problem. The one annoying pop up
I get is the Hot Topics - asking if I want to sign up. I have been signed up for
several months, but rarely get the list sent to my inbox.

I need to know how to unsubscribe to this website. I cannot find instructions. I’ve contacted the moderators and have not received a reply.

What do you mean unsubscribe?

Too much sauce?

I want to remove myself from the forum. How do I do this?

You just log off and never come back.
Whatever posts you have made already stay. It’s in the TOS you agreed to when you joined.


Yes, just log off. If you get notifications for responses to certain threads (I don’t know if that’s a thing here or not) then you would have to turn off those notifications. Otherwise, log out and don’t log back in!

Thank you.

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Thank you. I wanted out of the system but I guess this is the best I can do.

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