What's Islam? Don't Ask Google

Type a few words into the search field on Google's home page and the engine automatically returns a helpful list of popular, similar searches for the words you've typed in so far -- a convenient way to find the right information.

Enter "Christianity is" and you'll find results that, while offensive, at least indicate common discussions on the Internet. Likewise, type "Judaism is" and Google suggests other, potentially offensive searches such as "Judaism is false" and "Judaism is not a race."

But type "Islam is" into the search engine and Google's auto-results pane mysteriously vanishes, leading some to conclude that Google, whose mantra is "don't be evil," is censoring its search results.

According to Google's Web site, the query suggestions that appear as you type are drawn from from searches you've done (if you're logged in), searches done by users all over the world, sites in the search index and ads in Google's network.

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I didn't get that same result.

First I typed in "christianity is" and the list you referred to popped up.

Then I deleted "christianity" (and left "is" there) and typed "judaism" in front of "is" and a new list popped up.

Then I deleted "judaism" (and left "is" there) and typed "islam" in front of "is" and a list did pop up, of islam searches.

Then I deleted everything (the whole line "islam is") and typed in "islam is" and the same list of islam searches popped up.

But on the other hand, I just went back, after several minutes, and typed in "islam is", and nothing popped up.

Curious, to say the least.

"Islam is[space]" doesn't return anything but "Mohammed is[space]" returns a list of suggestions, some very negative so I don't think ayatollahs have seized control of Google.

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