What's it like living in _____


I’m curious as to what it’s like living in different areas of the country and/or world.

So for my first inquiries:

What’s it like living in California (the Bay area specifically, but an area will do.)?

What’s it like living in France?

What’s it like living in Australia?

(And if anyone’s curious, I live in the Midwest (USA))


Sorry in advance that I’m not from any of the places you listed.
I’m from the East Coast, Philadelphia to be exact (well close enough to be called a Philly native).
Those who live on the east coast live life like a rat race, going to work, communiting, and home in a fast and hectic pace, always dreaming about the weekend and dreading the Mondays.
The roads here suck, especialy I-95 and blue route I-76 (The comedian Bob Saget once tweeted that Philly has the best pot-holes in the U.S). I live in the suburbs, which are always congested with traffic, and nobody really “cares” about one another (we do really care about people, but usually we’re rude to each other, its the Philly way). The summers here are hot and humid, with people going to the Jersey Shore to cool off (though my family goes to North Carolina beaches) and we complain that 6" of snow is a lot, though it’s probably peanuts compared to the midwest. We also get Nor’easter s, and hurricanes (when Hurricane Sandy hit us, we lost power for a week).
Now for some good stuff about Philly. We are the Cradle of Liberty, where the United States was born. We have a history of inventors, thinkers, entrepreneurs (the most famous is Ben Franklin, of course). Our spirit animal is Rocky Balboa. We have the Cheesesteak (Provolone Cheesesteak wit is my go to) and Wawa hogies and coffee keep us going. We are crazy about our sports teams (we will never stop talking about the Eagles Superbowl win). And even though life is crazy at times, at the end of the day, we are still the city of brotherly love.


Love your synopsis. Find joy and love where ever you are and all the little blessings you are gifted with.


@MaryEstelle2 thank yourocky-steps


It is kind of dry where I live but the mountains are very nice to look at.


Unfortunately for Eagles fans, they still have a long way to go before they’re the most notable team in Pennsylvania. :smiling_imp:

I always love sunny days in winter where I live because the mountains are fully visible and at their most beautiful.


Ditto here in Denver.


Expensive. Really, really expensive. :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings:

(I don’t live there, but my brother used to, as did my ex-husband.)


Well, where i am there is not much of an atmosphere to speak of and i have to wear a pressurized suit at all times, and it’s really dar…

…Hold on a moment, just got a call from Houston…we have a problem.


This is true. I was born in Los Angeles, California, but I could not afford to buy a home here now, at least not in any area where I’d feel safe. The Bay Area around San Francisco is even less affordable. California can still be a delightful place to live, but not so much if you are poor, or even of modest means. The weather is still nice, especially if you don’t like seasonal variety or extremes in heat and cold. You can visit the beach, the mountains and the desert all in one day (if you like driving). The big cities are crowded, and if you are working you will likely spend considerable time commuting in traffic. I love Los Angeles because it’s my home, but I am also aware of all the drawbacks. It is unlikely that the Chamber of Commerce will hire me to promote California any time soon :roll_eyes:.


ugh! I think that’s like in a lot of the big cities unfortunately :frowning:

ditto here…winters are a pain also.

That’s what I’ve heard…sad, b/c California has beautiful weather!

This is so appealing to me the older I get. As much as I love a good Northern Indiana Autumn and enjoy our late Spring months, I just despise winter here. Summer is a bit better but the humidity can be ridiculous and I hate having to use the AC if I don’t have to.


It’s cheap as dirt living where I live. ( Which in all honesty is the main reason I’m still here. I have family here also but the affordability is a big plus.) My city was recently named one of (if not THE) most affordable places to live in the USA. So we have that going for us. We’re close to the Great Lakes so lots of people visit those in the summer. We also have lots of other numerous little lakes and camping grounds. There’s an insane amount of corn and/or soy beans grown here. There are some Amish communities also so lots of manure smells in the country areas lol!

There isn’t much to do in the winter here…mostly eat out at the ridiculous amount of restaurants here. Lots of unhealthy lifestyles here also (Indiana has a higher obesity rating than a lot of other states) although we’re really trying to expand our parks and trails.

I love Autumn here and Spring isn’t too bad but it can be rainy. This year it was much colder than normal which was unfortunate.


I live in California, in the Hollywood Hills area. Yes, it is very expensive here, but I wouldn’t want to live anyplace else.

Almost every day is bright and sunny, which is nice. However, on the downside, we are usually in a drought situation. I love the fact that our temperatures are not so hot or so cold as other areas (except when the Santa Ana winds are blowing). Our humidity is low, too, which keeps it comfortable even without air conditioning, though almost everyone has it.

I can choose to go to the beach or drive a little and be in the mountains. California has much diversity.

Because of our climate, we have fresh, organic produce available year round.

Driving in LA is a nightmare. It is the most congested city in the world.

Despite the few downsides, I love it here. The view from my house, which is near the top of the mountain, takes in the famous Hollywood sign all the way to Catalina Island.


I have relatives in central Ohio, and I despise the winter weather there.


I’m envious lol! I would just love to experience living in CA for a year. I’m not sure if I could fit in politically but I tend to mind my own business so maybe I could. Low humidity +sun = perfection lol!

winter is only good during Christmas time…after that it can go away :slight_smile:


When I was at college in Maine, I felt the same way!


I live in the UK, well a tiny bit of it. It’s raining today, all day, but we had quite a heatwave the other week and it didn’t rain for quite a few weeks, when it did it was heaven! I couldn’t live in a hot region, I mean anything over seventy five!
Life in the UK has changed a lot over the last decade or so. We have a lot of problems ever since the banking crisis and of course were having the prospect of a no deal brexit coming up which promises to be a very testing time for us. We also seem to be lacking good strong leadership and a clear vision of the future.
Dear old Britain isn’t the nation it once was but I have hope and with Gods help surely things will improve. It’s not all bad.


we’re having a little heatwave right now. It had been in the 70s for a few days and I turned the AC off…it was awesome! I wish I lived in a cooler more moderate climate (I hate extremes) …my ancestors came from Northwest Europe so I think genetically I’m more adept to live in that climate lol!

that’s how I feel about the US as well. Prayers for both our countries!


I don’t like extremes, either, which is one reason I love Southern California.

My parents came from Brazil, but I can’t stand the hot, humid weather my family members sometimes experience in Ohio. They tell me another heatwave is coming, with 90 degree temperatures and high humidity.


Yep, hot and humid here right now too (northern Indiana). ugh! I’m hoping to be able to turn the AC off for good this season sometimes next week.

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