What's Not to Love?!


Calling all Protestants . . . !!! :smiley:
What draws you to your particular church and what keeps you there as a loyal member?
I’m currently searching and looking for what others have found. :slight_smile:


Here’s what drew me to my church:
It teaches doctrinal truth without any concern for political or personal opinions influencing it. It instructs that religion isn’t about finding the one that “fits” you, but rather “fitting” YOURSELF to God’s church. It’s the only church in the world with a clear and documentable history all the way back to the day Jesus instituted it. It alone has any real claim on authority to definitively interpret scripture.

Oh yes, I’m catholic and always will be.


Would not think you are going to find many here who would advise you to leave the Catholic Church.

I converted, 10 years ago, for the Eucharist and the surity that I’m in the Church founded by Christ. Why would anyone want to leave the Eucharist?


I love my church. The love for God and to lead everyone to Him in everything, the openness to come as you are, and the love for the congregation and the community.

Recently the church I attend started this project where every few months they close down the sanctuary and bring church out to the community, helping them with things that they need wherever and whatever that may be. I love it. They fix people’s houses for free, visit nursing homes, and do community projects like clean up ditches and work on community buildings. All for free.

I actually received a HUGE blessing on this. I was going to get evicted from my property in a mobile home park because I had huge tarps on my roof. I was in no way able to hire someone to fix the roof and it leaked BAD. Well, the church saved me and my home by sending out a contrator who fixed my roof for no charge. The love that this church has for others is immense and right now I can’t imagine another place to go… :slight_smile:


I’m not particular with House of the Lord…as long as it is not very far far away from where i stay is ok.


singinbeauty, what a beautiful example of Christian love your church lives. Although I am a Catholic, I totally believe, like our pope, that Truth can be found in all faiths.:thumbsup:

God bless your faith community.:thumbsup:


Might I ask why your church would close down normal worship of God for acts of Christian charity that the whole church should be doing on their own time anyway? Is it that y’all lack the Real Presense that makes worship less important? I just have a hard time understanding why it’s a “good” thing that you should interupt something you should be doing (ie, praise and worship) for something you should be doing on your own time


Well, being Catholic I can’t name a Protestant faith that I wouldn’t loose sleep over recommending. Instead I could name several ones that you shouldn’t join.

  1. Any church that thinks that the Catholic Church is “the Whore of Babylon”.

  2. Any church that believes that Jack Chick is an accomplished writer and intellectual.

  3. Any church that speaks in tongues that doesn’t make any sense. IE. Gibberish rather than a foreign language.

  4. Any church that exercises demons from people by taking the pastor’s microphone and hitting the “possessed” on the head.

  5. Any church that is filled with politics and division over personal agendas. IE whose going to be on this leadership board or that board etc.

  6. Any church that suggests you try the Kool Aid.

  7. Any church that uses high pressure sales to get you to become a member.

Good luck finding one if it has to be “protestant”. Keep in mind my advice though. It’ll save you trouble! :wink:


I’m a member of the Christian & Missionary Alliance and what I like about it is:

1 - Its emphasis on foreign missions - both for the salvation of souls and the easing of physical suffering.
2 - Its focus on healing without being off the deep end about it.
3 - The fact that its charismatic without being pentecostal.
4 - Its “big tent” stance on theology that allows me to be a Calvinist while still being free to worship with Arminians but while still maintaining a baseline of orthodoxy regarding the essentials of the Christian faith and the distinctives of the denomination.
5 - Its belief in personal holiness without being perfectionistic.


Oh, I know. Afterall, it’s a Catholic forum. :slight_smile: I know about Catholicism but I’m not too familiar with Protestants so that’s why I’m asking. :wink:


As a member of the Society of Friends, I find my Center in Meeting for Worship. Sitting in the Living Silence in the Presence in our Midst, receiving His instruction and care is an experience I have never found else where.

In my teenage years I belonged to a church which focused on “outward forms”…in Meeting, I have met the Risen One “experientially”…He is truly present.

I have found peace and strength in my daily living by seeing each and every day a sacrament…each meal holy communion, each cup of cold water given in His name sharing “true bread and drink” to "the least of these.’

I have found an ethic of peace to live by and a hope for the future…a future not so otherworldly that it can’t effect life here on this earth, but a faith that lives in the Eternal Now…George Fox wrote of his experience which echo’s mine…“I have been brought up in spirit through flaming sword into the paradise of God…”

“Christ is among us to teach His people Himself.” is what I have experienced among the Meeting for Worship…a practical faith rooted in service to others, waging peace, and living in the Presence…not through a ritual or “form” but Him truly present among us.


Wow, its Great that Protestants have the Bible verse: ( Faith without works is dead),stuck somewhere in the back of their minds. :smiley:


How is contributing to the community through the Love of Christ NOT worshipping Him? We worship Him by obeying Him. We take His Word to the streets. To those who may not have ever stepped into a church but desperately need Him.

How is that wrong?

Sure, we should do this everyday but I think that by taking us outside the church walls we understand what Christ is about. It isn’t about sitting idly by and being with ONLY christians who all believe the same. Singing the same songs and listening to the same message. It is about the Great Commission… :blush:


How can I not take this as a slam to my faith?


Singing beauty,
That is absolutely AWESOME!!! They sound like a great group of people to be with. :heart:

One of the most important material needs we have is to have a roof of over head. I’m happy that you have a good one now. :slight_smile: God bless them and you.


They are awesome! :slight_smile:


Slam ? Not really, you seen very defensive.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Your post dripped with sarcasm. What were you trying to convey with it?


The Eucharist draws me in and keeps me.

(Ok, I’m not Protestant! :smiley: )



What’s not to love, this little white country Baptist Church. It was established around eighteen hundred by a group of country folk. They had their first worship services in a farmers hay barn until they had the resourses to build a church building.
Today they still meet in the same building, about one hundred and fifty faithful Christains. When they meet three or four times in a week it seem that no one want to go home, They just love followshiping the one another.
But these are not ordinary Christains,these are Christains that have learn to sacrifice for the Lord. You see, they have a very large budget, over two hundred thousand dollars. Most of that money go’s to support nine missionary families so sometimes things that need to be done at this little Baptist Church do not get done because reaching lost souls is way more important than a new roof or a new door .

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