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My husband continues to question what is approved or ok w/the church and what is not (regarding infertility testing,etc). Obviously IVF and AI is NOT accepted however what about all other options of fertility testing, procedures to fix problems (male/female) in order to procreate?. Is sperm testing ok? We are working through this and I would love an opinion more knowledgable than our own.



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You may not do sperm testing if it requires masturbation. You may do sperm testing by using a special collection condom that allows some of the sperm to still enter your body while capturing some for analysis.

You may not do anything that takes the reproductive act away from you and your husband and places it in a laboratory. Such as IVF or AI as you have already stated.

You may have corrective procedures to fix issues in both of you and increase your fertility.

I’m sure others will chime in here with more details. (I need to get back to work…sorry! :o )



Those things that assist, but do not replace, a natural act of intercourse are acceptable.

Sperm testing can be done if you collect sperm in a perforated condom from an act of intercourse.

Contact Pope Paul VI Institute, www.popepaulvi.com, for guidance. They do only those procedures that are within Church teaching.


Ok so at this point I’ve been told by the Dr, lab, scientist and receptionist that they have never heard of a perforated condom for collection nor do they have one. So that being said I"m a little confused and feel a little dumb trying to explain that this is the only method the Catholic church belives in sample taking (to the Dr. who has no idea what I’m talking about).



I’ve never heard of it either, but I am certainly not an expert in this area. Maybe a regular condom and a needle? :rolleyes:



We used a condom provided to us by PPVI institute for DH’s test so you could just call their office and ask for Sr. Renee (their ethicist) and ask where you could obtain one of these.

California’s NFP website (I’m not in California but the have good information on their site) references a Male Factor Pak that they sell that is in line with Church teaching. I found the Male Factor Pak on-line but it doesn’t mention being perforated.

Oh, and regular condoms will not work as their lubricants are sperm-killers.


As 1ke said: Contact Pope Paul VI Institute, www.popepaulvi.com, for guidance.

They can help you with these questions. They are the professionals in the field - we are not.

I’m not trying to put you off from asking questions here, only trying to save you some steps and frustration by pointing you where you need to go to get the help you truly need.



Buy a non-lubricated condom that does not contain spermicide and poke a hole in it with a pin prior to intercourse. Some fertility specialists actually provide the condom, but you can buy them yourself.

If your doctor’s never heard of collecting semen this way, you might want to consider finding a new doctor. Check popepaulvi.com

Here’s a really nice guideline from the USCCB:



Christopher West’s book ’ The Good News about Sex and Marriage’ has a section on this if you ever run across it…


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