What's on your ipod?

Just curious to see. Take out your ipod, put it on shuffle, and then post the first 10 songs that play. No cheating

  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Life by the Drop
  2. Ludacris - Get Back
  3. Zac Brown Band - Jolene
  4. Armandinho - Lua Cheia
  5. Garth Brooks - Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)
  6. Queen - Somebody to Love
  7. Stone Temple Pilots - Pop’s Love Suicide
  8. Missy Eliot - Get Ur Freak On
  9. Fernando Delgadillo - Entre Pairos Y Derivas
  10. Outkast - Da Art Of Storytelling

it is all road music because I programmed it for trips
Running on Empty, Jackson Browne
running against the wind, bob seger
Leaving on a Jet Plane, PP&M
Smoke Along the Track, emmy Lou Harris
Hotel California (long version)
Walking After Midnight, Patsy
California Dreaming, MM&PP
Rambling Boy (here’s to you), two versions, can’t remember who this is
Take me back to the Place where I first saw the light, Joan Baez
Wayward Wind, Patsy
Girl from yesterday, Eagles.

*]Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly
*]Fireworks - Katy Perry
*]Janie’s Gotta Gun - Aerosmith
*]Dancing Queen - Abba
*]Sacred Silence - Tom Booth
*]Be Italian - Fergie
*]Amor Eterno - Rocio Durcal
*]Paloma Blanca - Rafael Renteria
*]Not Afraid - Eminem
*]9th Symphony - ?

Nice. :slight_smile:

*]“Deep Blue” by Angra (off the album Holy Land)
*]“Helena’s Theme” by Kamelot (off the album Epica)
*]“Sirius B” by Therion (off the album Sirius B)
*]“Les Hambourgeois Walkways” by Helloween (off the single Number One)
*]“Within Yourself” by D.C. Cooper (off the album D.C. Cooper)
*]“Death Eludes Me” by Iron Fortress (off the album Iron Fortress)
*]“1000 Rainy Nights” by Time Machine (off the album Hidden Secrets)
*]“Michelangelo” by Guilt Machine (off the album On This Perfect Day)
*]“In the End” by Andromeda (off the album Chimera)
*]“New Jerusalem” by Theocracy (off the album Theocracy)

Points for anyone who has ever heard of any of these bands before. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Catholic Answers Live with Tim Staples
  2. Catholic Answers Live with Jimmy Akin
  3. Catholic Answers Live with Jim Blackburn
  4. Catholic Answers Live with John Martinogoni
  5. Catholic Answers Live with Fr. Serpa
  6. Catholic Answers Live with Steve Ray
  7. Catholic Answers Live with Karl Keeting
  8. Catholic Answers Live with Fr. Trigilio
  9. Catholic Answers Live with Sharon Lee Giganti
  10. Mustang Sally by Buddy Guy


lol Which one of these is not like the other? :smiley:

  1. Bist du bei mir/ Philipe Rombi
  2. Don’t Think of Me/ Dido
    3.Spieluhr/ Rammstein
  3. All This Time/ OneRepublic
  4. The Day the Whole World Went Away/ NIN
  5. Haifish/ Rammstein
  6. The Ballroom Blitz/ Sweet
    8.Fear/ OneRepublic
  7. Fear/ Sarah McLachlan
  8. Lane Navachi/ Lunascape
  1. Love Me Two Times - The Doors
  2. It Can’t Happen Here - Frank Zappa
  3. Tangerine - Led Zeppelin
  4. Wham - Stevie Ray Vaughn
  5. The New Pollution - Beck
  6. Sprawl 1 (Flatland) - Arcade Fire
  7. London’s Burning - The Clash
  8. Hey - Pixies
  9. Broken Boy Soldier - The Raconteurs
  10. Lord Send Me An Angel - The White Stripes

I will be back in an hour, I am going to buy an iPod just to be able to post something here. :smiley:

I have three ipods so I chose my most frequently used which contains mostly jazz and blues, some rock and pop, some classical (mostly Debussy) and some Hawaiian.

Topsy: by Great Guitars (Charlie Byrd, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel
Choo Choo Ch’Boogie by The Manhatten Transfer
Your Molecular Structure by Mose Allison
All Right, You Win by Tony Bennett with Diana Krall
D Natural Blues by Wes Montgomery
What is this Thing Called Love? by Ann Hampton Calloway
Mama Roux by Dr. John
Jumpin Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones
Mustang Sally by Herbie Mann
Django by Charlie Byrd

  1. “The Sky Opened Wide Like The Tide” by The Blow
  2. “High Life” by Daft Punk
  3. “Morning Bell” by Radiohead
  4. “(Antichrist Television Blues)” by Arcade Fire
  5. “NJ” by Alex Mauer
  6. “Bailongo” by Astor Piazzolla
  7. “Airbag” by Easy Star All-Stars
  8. “Poor Jack” by Danny Elfman
  9. “The Trumpet Song” by Loch Lomond
  10. “Carlyle Lake” by Sufjan Stevens

Knights of Columbus “Luke E Hart Series”. Good solid stuff about our faith.

Episodes of the Journey home I downloaded from EWTN
Beach Boys
Carrie Underwood (my favorite being Jesus take the Wheel)
Demi Lovato
Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle
Lets Here it for the Boy
Up where we belong
Route 66 - Chuck Berry
Our Town - James Taylor (Cars Soundtrack)
Life is a Highway (Cars Soundtrack)
Kelly Clarkson song from Princess Diaries 2 Soundtrack
Reba and Kelly Duet - Because of You
My Girl -Temptations
Randomly chosen Disney soundtrack sounds like a few from Enchanted, Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas

Two Queen Songs - We are the Champions and We will Rock you

One Mercy Me song from a CD my brother in law got me - I can Only Imagine

Two of the songs were offered for 69 cents in the iTunes store in March or April…great price.

and four audio rosary (all the mysteries) from RosaryArmy.com so I can say my daily Rosary when I remember.

If it was the holiday season like Halloween I’d have Monster Mash and the Ghostbusters theme. Christmas I’d have lots more.

This is a little embarrassing. :blush:

1.) Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies - Uptown Girl
2.) Yasuhiro Takato - Marukaite Chikyuu (Russia’s version)
3.) Kansas - Dust in the Wind
4.) (Unknown Acapella Ensemble) - Take On Me
5.) Third Impact - Squid Girl
6.) Run DMC - It’s Tricky
7.) Jeff Healey - Angel Eyes
8.) Kym - Back Where I Began
9.) Steve Tyrell - Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
10.) B-52’s - Roam

11.) Rockapella - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

1.) Bottoms Up-Trey
2.) If We Are The Body-Casting Crowns
4.) What Hurts the Most- Rascal Flatts
5.)You Look So Good in Love-George Strait
6.) a Dj earworm Mashup
7.)Take Me Out to the Dancehall- Pat Green
8.) Marry For Money-Trace Adkins
9.)Kiss This-Aaron Tippin
10.)Just A Dream- Nelly

I don’t have or want an ipod :slight_smile:

  1. Kids- by MGMT
  2. A-Punk- by Vampire Weekend
  3. Christmas Lights- Coldplay
  4. Never Let Me Down Again- Depeche Mode
  5. Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus :blush:
  6. Wicked Game- Chris Isaak
  7. El Paso- Marty Robbins (LOL! My kids asked for this one after ‘Bumpa’ made them listen to his old country albums)
  8. Let Me Go- Three Doors Down
  9. Sabatoge- Beastie Boys (Best Video EVER!!!)
  10. Song 2- Blur

This was my song selection hitting shuffle- and I did not cheat! :smiley:

I’ll play again. :smiley:

1.) U2 - Vertigo
2.) Katamari on the Rock (opening theme to Katamari Damacy)
3.) Joan Jett - I Love Rock and Roll
4.) Daler Mehndi - TunakTunakTun
5.) Save Ferris - Come On Eileen
6.) the band apart - When You Wish Upon A Star
7.) DJ Ötzi - I Am The Musicman
8.) Shinkichi Mitsumune - The Sunlit Garden
9.) DJ Ötzi - Burger Dance (International Remix)
10.) Guns N’ Roses - Sweet Child of Mine

11.) Harry Chapin - I Wanna Learn A Love Song

1.) The Beatles- All you need is love
2.) Van Halen- Atomic Punk
3.) Stone Temple Pilots- Naked Sunday
4.) Metalica- Free Speech for the dumb
5.) Presidents of the United States of America- Lump
6.) Van Halen- Happy Trails
7.) Rush- Xanadu
8.) Ozzy Osborne- You can’t kill rock and roll
9.) Pink Floyd- Echoes
10.) CCR- Down on the corner
bonus 11). Satriani/Vai/Malmstein- Concerto suite for electric guitar and orchestra in e flat

I’ve actually heard of Helloween, and I’ve heard a little of their music. They used to play them on a metal show on a rock station here in Louisville, KY.

Being totally blind, I can’t use most IPods, but I do have a 2 GB Sony recorder that I also use as an MP3 player. Because of it’s small capacity, I have to empty it out from time to time, so the only thing I know for sure that’s on it right now is the recitation of the Rosary, which doesn’t get emptied off with the rest of the stuff, and maybe a fiew sacred pieces from this past Wednesday’s choir practice. When I do have it filled up, there’s no telling what will be on there, because I like a wide variety of music and other things. Some bands that are on there frequently may include Rainbow, Survivor, Eric Carmen, Electric Light Orchestra, Black Sabbath (both with Ozzy and Dio), dare I say the Carpenters, the Alan Parsons Project, and sometimes some older country such as Clint Black, Ricky Skaggs, Keith Whitley, George Strait, the Oak Ridge Boys, Waylon Jennings, and others.

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