What's that site all about?

accidentally run into truecatholic.org/ Looks like a schism not mentioned on this site. it even has a “pope”

it is the organ of a schismatic, heretical organization, and discussion of this heresy is a banned topic on these forums.

so “Sedevacantism” is refering to such topics. I looked through all my dictionaries but unable to find a explaination. thanks for telling me.
now close this topic plz

Its just another one of those sedevacantist sites. They, like all schismatics claim to be the “true” Catholic Church, with their own elected “Pope”. One shouldn’t take such sites seriously though.

Gerry :slight_smile:

Ahhhh yes, Father Lucian Pulvermacher. Please don’t bear this man any ill will. He is one of the many who felt “disenfranchised” by the more open and ecumenical posture of the Church after Vatican II. He has a very small, but loyal following here in America. Unfortunately, he is not the only “other” pope. In 1978, the traditionalist movement Palmar de Troya elected Clemente Dominguez Y Gomez as Pope Gregory XVII. There are those who claim that the abondonment of the Papal Coronation ceremony and refusal to wear the papal tiara are indications that the current See of Rome is vacant. There are other spurious and unsubstantiated claims that don’t even warrant mention in this forum. Be it to say, however, that John Paul II is the current Bishop of Rome and Vicar of Christ, arguements to the contrary notwithstanding. Pray for poor disillusioned Father Pulvermacher and Father Gomez that they discover the error of their ways and reunite with Rome before they end their earthly pilgramage.

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