How can we approach a family member or friend on Catholicism when our enthusiasm for our faith is often viewed negatively?

Here’s something I’ve tried; I’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

  1. First of all I don’t try to convert; it’s not my job.

  2. I try to approach everyone understanding that they have something to offer. We can each learn from each other.

  3. I suggest a book exchange - this is my favorite. I ask them to send a book which they would like me to read. I promise to pray to the Holy Spirit to guide me while reading this book. I ask if they in turn would allow me to send them a book to review and ask them to pray likewise.

  4. For nonChristian folks who are big readers & are always suggesting books for me to read, I just return the favor asking them for their intellectual & literary opinion on what I send.

*Sincerity is the key here; I really do want to hear my nonCatholic brothers’ & sisters’ opinions, & I really do want an intellectual & literary opinion from my nonChristian family & friends.



I would say start off by clearing up any and all misconceptions and un-informed ideas. Then go from there and lets things happen as they happen.


Hi SW!

What terrific ideas you have! I’m fully on board with points #1&2 and have always worked on not being pushy, but always being ready to discuss or defend my faith when the opportunity presents itself.

The idea of a book exchange is excellent. I assume this would work with people who care about their faith in one way or another, right? For example, many people I know could care less about the issue at all. It would be hard for me to get them to do an exchange because they don’t read anything spiritual anyway! However, for protestants or even non-Christian religious people I think the idea is excellent as long as you are well grounded in your faith and not liable to be swept up in the author’s rhetoric.


In my community, we have a VBS sponsored by all the denominations. I have been a teacher there for years. (I have chosen to teach the 3 year olds so I don’t have to get into areas I would not agree with.) I started there while in the Protestant arena and continue now I am in the Catholic church. I frequently get into conversations with people who “know I am a Christian”. While in those conversations, if some belief stated differs, I do stand up for Christ as taught in the Catholic church. Gently and kindly, but stand up none the less. Usually, the response has been very positive, in the form of I would never have known you were Catholic and wow I didn’t know Catholics believed that (something Biblical!). And as stated up above, when they offer me books to read, I offer back.:slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong, occasionally I get slapped in the face, hard. But I have to remember that the servant is never greater than the master, as Christ was rejected, so may I be rejected for spreading His word about His church.

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