What's the best Missal?


I want to ask for a Missal for Christmas this year. What’s a good one?


I use the Vatican II Weekday and Sunday Missals by the Daughters of Saint Paul and like it. Another very good one is the St Joseph’s missal. I imagine there are others.




For the Traditional Mass, nothing beats an Angelus Press one.


I’ve got both the Angelus and Baronius missals. I bought the Angelus missal and a year later was given the Baronius missal as a gift. The Angelus Press missal is superior in content, in my opinion, but I like the cover of the Baronius missal much more.

Baronius used many pages to cover all the proper feasts celebrated in the dioceses of England, Wales, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. And they left out the Prayer Against Satan and the Rebellious Angels, along with the Athanasian creed. The Angelus missal also has a wonderful introduction called “Your Mass and Your Life.” Its a thorough catechism on the Mass.

If I had to choose only one, it would be the Angelus Press missal.


I have the St. Andrew’s Daily Missal, I haven’t actually used many others, but I am satisfied with this.


Having the “Ideal Daily Missal” and the “Daily Missal and Liturgical Manual” that the Angelus and Baronius Missals were based on respectively, it really is a matter of what Angelus Press added rather than what Baronius left out :wink: That being said the wonderful format of the Ordinary with the substantial commentary is also unique to Angelus Press.

Hmm… but is there a single best Missal? Missals have minor variations in translations and contain different content. The Complete edition of the St Andrew’s Daily Missal (pre-1957/8) has the best commentary. The Angelus Missal has the cleanest formating with large fonts and white space. The Baronius Missal has additional supplements and comes with a fresh Imprimatur. The Lasance Missal has considerable instruction on the Mass itself. The Cathedral Daily Missal has a section of Church Architechture and the list goes on.

Personally, I prefer antique missals as they are substantially thinner and lighter than the newer prints. I usually bring around my “Daily Missal and Liturgical Manual”, the predecessor of the Baronius. But in terms of fresh prints, I would recommend the Baronius Missal, and with the sale on allcatholicbooks.com (last one at point of writing), its a steal at 35% off.


I have one too; its good for content.


Okay, after looking at some, it seems that the Baronius one is more for “experts.” It looks good, but I am really a beginner.

Here is the one the Parish that has the TLM gives out for people to use:

I like the St. Andrew’s Missal and the one from the Angelus Press. However, I feel a bit strange ordering something from the SSPX.


I have the Angelus Press missal, and I highly recommend it. My brother ordered the Baronious missal, and it certainly has an inferior format. The Baronius press missal divides each page into english and Latin, which really cramps everything together whereas the Angelus press missal has english on one page and Latin on the opposite page, which allows for a bigger and easier to read font, and format.

As for giving money to Angelus press; I thought about this too, but in the end Angelus press had the superior product, and that meant everything to me especially when dropping 60 big ones.


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