What's the best way of determining whats true in philosophy?


Whats the best organized method of determining what is most probably true amongst philosophical arguments? I’ve heard of Ockams Razor but the problem I have with ockams razor is that people simply make a certain argument look more complicated to disregard it. Am i wrong about Ockams razor? Why am i wrong? (please tell me) and also If i’m correct, what alternative methods are there that are more solid?


The best way is to use reason and logic to determine what the only logical possibility is. It also comes through spiritual revelations or inspirations through traditions, or even thoughts and feelings, or the sensum fidei as it is called, which is also inspired by the holy Spirit.


Critical evaluation of arguments is the only way to determine anything about philosophy. There is no one silver bullet that will universally approach all topics and arguments. And unfortunately, many philosophical problems aren’t adequately examined with punchy three or four premise arguments. Dismissing an argument or theory because it’s complicated would be a terrible mistake.


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