What's the best way to support my non-Catholic non-religious sister?


My sister just got engaged. She is not Catholic (none of my family is) and is not religious at all. I would like to show the right kind of support for her and her fiance finally doing the right thing and getting married. How?



By going to the wedding.

By helping in any way you can with the wedding.

By repeating how wonderful it is that she’s getting married.

By giving cold, hard stares to those who don’t think she should bother, and if necessary, gently but firmly verbally defending her for taking this step.

And of course by praying the whole thing comes off!


A very good priest I know once said that the kind of marriage that the Catholic Church teaches us we ought to have is the kind of marriage most people really want: One in which the husband and wife commit to each other permanently, in which they can trust each other, and in which each spouse is dedicated to supporting the other on their journey to heaven. Regardless of whether one believes in heaven, few people in their right minds will object to a lifetime commitment involving deep respect and care of each spouse to the other. You can encourage her to have a good marriage now. Maybe somehow her experience of married life will eventually open her up to God’s love. :slight_smile:

And I agree with the previous poster: go to the wedding, and affirm her decision to enter into her marriage in any way possible.




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