What's the Catholic view on Mammas?

The Wikipedia article on Gregory III, Patriarch of Constantinople states the following:

Gregory died in 1459 in Rome. He was honoured as saint and wonder-worker by the Roman Catholic Church.

It is not directly cited, and it seemed questionable to me, so I did a quick Google search on the status of Gregory III within Catholicism. I found nothing about whether he is a saint or not, which leads me to strengthen my suspicion, but I wanted to see if anyone here has any pertinent information.

Tell me: What is the status of Gregory III, Patriarch of Constantinople, within the Catholic churches?

It looks like to me he fled Constantinople for Rome because of pressure he was getting for reunification and died there later. I don’t believe he is a saint. There is a Saint Pope Gregory III but I believe he’s a different guy.

Little is known of his early life. Even his birth name is not clear. He became a monk in 1420. In 1437, he became spiritual father (pneumatikos) to emperor John VIII Palaiologos. He participated in the preliminary negotiations with Rome at the Council of Basle and later accompanied Patriarch Joseph II to Florence. He was active in the theological discussions during the council sessions. Since he favored re-union with Rome, Melissinou was constantly opposed by Abp. Mark of Ephesus. Also, at Florence, he, with Bp. Irakleia Antonius, represented Philotheus, the Patriarch of Alexandria.

After the death of Patr. Metrophones II in 1443, he succeeded him as Gregory III, surnamed Mammas. As he continued to favor re-union with Rome he was under continuing pressures in Constantinople. In 1450, he was forced to leave Constantinople and flee to Rome. Upon reaching Rome in August 1451, Gregory was warmly welcomed by Pope Nicholas V.

Gregory III died in 1459 and, despite all the efforts by Pope Nicholas to help, Gregory was not able to recover the patriarchal throne in Constantinople.


Yeah, the fact that OrthodoxWiki doesn’t mention him as a Catholic saint really bolsters my suspicion that the Wikipedia article is wrong. I don’t foresee the contributors of OrthodoxWiki forgetting such a fact, if it were indeed a fact. Haha

There is no authoritative list of all who were accorded sainthood in the past by the Roman Church. Quick web searches do not show him on the Vatican website. As he worked for unity between the Eastern and Western Churches, he would certainly be viewed favorably by the Catholic Church.

Also, sometimes a local venration will spring up, but not go further to offical universal canonization.

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