What's the chance of the eucharist sold on Ebay isn't consecrated?

I feel there’s a high probability it’s a fraud as the timing is too suspicious, the seller claimed to have got the eucharist in 1998 yet waited for 7 years to sell it. what is he waiting for? obviously for the JP II’s death. he’s afraid that JP II would know that such thing never happened. “ate one wafer then went back and got another one to save and he gave me another one” is a very “memorable” event for any Fr/Bp/Pp charging the eucharist and it’s easily verified. so he just wait until his lie can’t be easily uncovered.

I find this rather interesting because doesn’t a sacramental, in general, loses it’s ‘holliness’ if treated in sacrelige.

However, since this IS a host. What does happen?

I ask this because of those in Satanism try to find religious objects (sacrimentals) to des.crate. Does the Host stop being a host?

It could be consecrated, but not when and where the seller claims.

Then too, if he had a consecrated host for 7 years, it would surely have gone stale and when that happens the Real Presence leaves it (for lack of a better way of expressing it). He would have had to have preserved it perfectly for it to still be the body and blood of Christ under the appearance of bread.

I do not think desecration makes a consecrated host lose the Real Presence. If that were so who would care if anyone took one for satanic practices? The very fact that the host is the body and blood of Christ makes desecrating it such a sacrilege.

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