What's the deal with Dozule'?


Forgive me if this is a banned topic though I really can’t find any other info on it:
After all the news about the ‘apparitions’ at ‘M’ recently, what is the status about the apparent messages from Jesus at Dozule’? Googling/searching CAF has proven fruitless. I had been reading a tract on it, there was no imprimatur or the like to be seen, but they saw fit to include a letter from then Cardinal Ratzinger from 1994, which from what I can gather (it’s in Italian) says that they should “continue their vigil”.
Would like to get some clarity on these ‘messages’ before bothering to read further.
Thank you.


Remove this thread and post it to the “Ask an Apologist”

I think they can help you there.

God Bless


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