What's the difference between lying and withholding information?

What’s the difference between lying and purposely withholding information. I would think that withholding information would be less serious than actually lying.

Not if you’re my husband. He regards withholding information as lying, lying by default.

However, lying is an active deception, whether the person needs to know the truth or not.
Withholding information that the other person has a right to know would be lying,
but if other persons don’t have the right to the information, and to share it would be detrimental or superfluous, then I wouldn’t see that as lying, simply as 'withholding information."
That’s my personal unsupported opinion…

The information here is that I started smoking medical marijuana with the approval of my physician. My withholding information is in regards to my psychiatrist who gets very upset at the thought of my smoking marijuana. The last time I told him he called the police and they took me to a mental ward in a hospital. I ended up being there for close to a week. Everyone I spoke to agreed that my psychiatrist overreacted and I’m afraid of him overreacting again.

A visit to the psychiatrist isn’t a visit to the Confessional.

You don’t have a written covenant to tell him everything.
You don’t tell him what you had for breakfast and everything you do or you’d be there all day.
I’d hope there is an alternative to marijuana for your treatment, but you already know your psychiatrist’s response…is he obliged by law to report you if you tell him, in which case if you do tell him you may be laying something on his conscience? He may have no choice but to report you if you inform him. Of course most of us would say, don’t use it, but this is between you and your physician, and your priest, if anything. It’s not for us to say. Nor your psychiatrist either, unless you chose to make it his business.

My smoking pot for medical reasons is perfectly legal here in Los Angeles. My smoking a little pot greatly reduces my suicidal thoughts. In addition to my physician, my psychologist is perfectly OK with it, and recommended that I smoke it.

I guess I should talk it over with a priest.

I’m confused as in your first post you said your psychiatrist reacted badly to your using marijuana and called the police, and it seemed that this was why you were asking regarding withholding information, which is why I made the comments regarding your psychiatrist, in this latest post you say he’s okay with it. If I misunderstood, apologies

However, wishing you well, and a peaceful and happy future.:slight_smile:

My psychologist (therapist) is OK with it, but my psychiatrist is against it.


Okay. That explains that! :slight_smile:
I hope that life brings you new joys in the coming year.

You have your life to live, period. But, in general, I don’t think it is good to go against the advice of medical professionals.

In this case, they may be disagreeing. It sounds like you are doctor-shopping to get the answer you want, no?

Do you really need m-j? We can’t say. You need to be honest with yourself, considering all the risks you are taking.

Who may be affected by this if you run afoul of the law? How severely will they be affected? Is it right for you to risk all that you have for whatever benefit this substance gives you?

Trust me, I don’t stand on any moral high ground by discussing this. My problem is overeating, and all the questions above point first-of-all to me.

We’re supposed to love God with all our strength. Are you (am I) living up to this command?

I have to say, in the case of two medicos disagreeing with each other, I’d be asking lots of questions about exactly why each is taking the stance they are. What have they each said to you about why? Are you able perhaps to get a third opinion?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to continue treatment with doctors who confuse things by conflicting with each other.

Robert you have to be truthful with your doctor. It’s very possible he over reacted so think about looking for another one or lay down and make clear some ground rules you can both agree to.

I believe the vast majority of people are evasive about certain things and it’s no big deal. Your situation is different…what do you expect to accomplish if you’re less than truthful to your therapist? Best wishes to all on this 1st Monday of Advent.

The difference between lying and “withholding information” is the difference between a sin of commission and a sin of omission, but there is no difference in the gravity based on the commission/omission distinction. At the very heart of it, though, is the question as to whether the other party has a right to know the truth.

In this case, the psychiatrist does have a right to know the truth because he is the one responsible for the medication regime. The fact that this particular drug is decriminalized does not mean that it is a good choice–this drug is rather like slapping a band-aid over a melanoma. Use of this drug may be interfering with the drugs the dr (the psychiatrist) is prescribing, and he would not be over-reacting to want to be able to treat his patient in a manner in which he knows exactly what medications are going in (and at what dose/frequency) so that he can make a good assessment as to whether medication is working or if (and how) medication adjustments are needed.

I’m NOT doctor shopping! The professionals I have were picked just once and I have no intention of changing them.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I read them all and will take each of them into consideration! Thanks again for taking the time and energy to respond!

Everyone already knows that the meds are not working and are having a really negative effect on my health. One drug, which I’m trying to wean off of, is causing me to have high blood sugar to the point then I’m now a diabetic! We tried to wean me off this dangerous drug several times with an unbearable increase in anxiety. I really feel it’s in my best interest to try pot as a means of reducing my stress and subsequent anxiety so that I can wean myself off this dangerous drug (Zyprexa).

PS My medical doctor is refusing to treat me with benzodiazepines which I believe would decrease my stress. Given the situation, I believe that pot is the best alternative.

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