What's the difference between pantheism and panentheism?


Pantheism is the belief that “God” is synonymous with the Universe. All of what is, and the forces and energies make up or ARE the Theos. God is not considered to be a being, or separate from creation.

In Panentheism, God is both synonymous with the universe, and has a transcendent aspect, an aspect or existence beyond that of the universe. God suffuses the universe, but also extend beyond it. It may or may not have a “being” aspect to it.

Panentheism can be seen as the idea that God contains the universe; it’s a viewpoint held by some Hasidic Jews. It actually does make a great deal of sense, if one accepts the existence of the Supreme Being – you don’t get much more supreme than that.

And this statement shows just how HUGE God really is. In our minute minds the universe is enormous…but compared to God, it is but a speck of dust.
No, God isn’t the universe…It is merely one of His creations.

Panentheists come in two flavors: (1) those who believe that the universe is God, but not all of God, that God both is the universe and is also what is beyond the universe; (2) those who believe that God both pervades (rather than is) the universe and exists beyond the universe.

Pantheists deny the existence of a universe outside of the matter-energy universe (that is, they deny the ‘supernatural’), and they then equate “God” with said non-supernaturalistic universe.

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